When do you need a car accident attorney?

When exactly do you need a lawyer to represent you in a car accident? Well, the instances are at times obvious, especially when you cannot lead on a normal life after the accident. While any kind of accident can attract compensation, if the amount of money involved is small, there isn’t need to have a lawyer. However, if you aren’t sure about everything, the right thing will be to consult a lawyer so that he can evaluate the value of the claim. There are many car accident attorney law firms where you can get help, at absolutely no upfront cost. Personal injury claims are charged at contingency fee.

Other instances that may not need a lawyer include when you have recovered after a few chiropractic sessions and your injuries did not require any specialized treatment. On the contrary, here are the instances that will demand you look for a car accident attorney:

Serious injuries

Serious injuries such as spinal code damage or permanent disability is a clear sign that you need a lawyer so that you can score desirable compensation and the right one which reflects the value of your suffering. 

Not sure about the extent of injuries

Some injuries such as emotional and psychological trauma may need a specialist to attest to them. Broken bones will also need a specialist to assess. While you may not have the resources or knowledge about this, a personal injury lawyer does. A reasonable lawyer will also facilitate advanced treatment for you if there is a need, while the case is going on. 

Not sure who caused the accident

Even if you don’t sustain serious injuries, someone else may so and try to put the blame on you. The insurance company might also try to throw the blame your way and see how you react about it. If you freak, they may just pin negligence on you! Moreover, insurance firms have numerous tactics of playing blame games, and an attorney will shield you from that.

The insurance company doesn’t seem to pay

Insurance companies are known to slag when it comes to settling claims. In fact, if your claim does not involve high profile defendants, you may end up getting nothing without experienced legal representation. Personal injury lawyers have been in the game for a long time and will know exactly when to play hardball with the insurance company.

Missed work time

Lastly, missing work time is something that will come to catch up with you later in the form of reduced wages or even termination. Insurance companies may undervalue such an effect, but a personal injury lawyer will highlight the same. An attorney will also ensure that you not only get compensation for the time lost but also compensation for deprived income in future, especially if the accident leaves you with permanent injuries. Remember, not only physical injuries can keep you from your work but also mental and psychological traumas. 

When you find yourself in the above scenarios, please don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer near you because indemnification can save you a great deal. Think about the people who depended on you before the accident, and you’ll know the right action to call. Otherwise, please be safe on the roads and prevent avoidable accidents. 

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