Legal Checklist before Buying your Dream Flat

All set to buy your new flat? But wait a minute! Have you completed the most important legal checklist? Confused? Let us simplify that for you.

Before investing all your savings in your dream flat, you must do a thorough legal check of the building and examine the property documents. Because any mistake can lead to risks of losing your entire investment, or worse, being stuck in a legal dilemma.

To help you, we have compiled a legal checklist guide that you must follow, before buying your dream flat.

Check the Property Documents

Whether you are choosing from the flats in Uttam Nagar or any other area, the first thing is to check the property documents and find good Property Consultant Uttam Nagar. To make things simpler, the property documents include (but are not limited to):

  • Title Documents of the property – Title deed/ Sale deed/ Deed of lease / Gift deed and so on.
  • Nature of the title of the property – Development/Freehold/Leasehold.
  • Info on any pending or past litigation on the land or the seller.
  • The title documents should be duly stamped by the competent authority.

Since property documents and legal terms are cannot be easily understood by everyone, we suggest you seek professional help from a real estate agent such as Kamal Associates.

Verify the Seller’s/Builder’s Identity

Builders and promoters can easily manipulate a novice home buyer with their tall claims and promises. But it is the duty of the buyer to verify the sellers or the builder’s identity.

In case you are buying a used flat, make sure you check the identity of the seller, viz. national ID card(s) and keep a Xeroxed copy of the same. In the case of promoters, ask for the license number and their IDs.

Construction Approvals and Surveys

Let’s say you are looking to buy property in Om Vihar. Before finalizing the deal, always check for the construction approvals of the property. Check the building plans and sanctioned by the local authority (Municipality or corporations). 

Also, ask for NOCs from the competent authorities and safety certificates of the fire department, water, sewage, electricity board and all other concerned departments.

Occupancy Certificate 

One of the most important documents among this legal checklist before buying your dream flat is an occupancy certificate. The builder must possess an occupancy certificate from the concerned authority before selling a flat. A failure to do so might result in a penalty or even demolition of the building.

Physically Survey the Property

Last but not least, before finalizing the deal, take a physical survey of the property. Flats in Uttam Nagar have elaborately laid out plans drawn on maps. Ask for a map of the building and the floor plans from your builder. Take a detailed survey along with the premises and the floors and compare with the map. Also, ensure that the flat has adequate fire safety features and at least two staircases (in case of high rises).

Consult a Property Agent

If you need any help with the legal checks or are looking to buy 2 bhk flat in delhi  at affordable prices, you can always contact Kamal Associates. Headed by Mr Pulkit Vij, this firm has been serving customers to find the perfect houses for over 20 years. 

You can contact them at:

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