What are the best door hinges?

Doors are vital components for any home without a doubt. They have a vital role of not only keeping the home protected from unwelcome intruders but also maintaining the privacy of all household occupants. For doors to function properly, their hinges should be suitably positioned as well. Whether you are bringing in a brand new door or repairing one at home, you should carefully understand the working of a hinge and how important it is for the smooth functioning of the door. 

The door hinge is the crucial hardware component linking the frame to the door, enabling it to smoothly close and open. If they are working fine, then you will not have to worry too much. If they are not, doors may start squeaking or sagging and may not open as smoothly as you want. There are various type of hinges that you can check out in this regard. 

Varieties of hinges that you can check out 

One of the biggest aspects that you must keep in mind is the type of hinge that you require since they come in various types. You must also keep factors like the plywood thickness in mind before buying. Each type of hinge is suitable for a particular type of door and you should check carefully to ensure that you have the suitable type with you. 

  1. Ball Bearing Hinges
Ball Bearing Hinge.jpg

These are a specialized type of mortise hinge which basically means that they are tailored for installation in a sunken manner into the frame and door within a cutout where each one is fitted accordingly. They are regarded as practical picks for doors which are heavier in nature. They come with permanently lubricated bearings which help in smoother closing and opening of doors and make sure that hinges can resist frequent usage likewise. They are used widely for heavy exterior frames, majorly across commercial outlets and businesses. 

  1. Plain Bearing Hinges 
Plain Bearing Hinge.jpg

Plain bearing hinges are another kind of mortise hinge which has a simpler design along with being a commoner choice for commercial and residential doorways alike. A plain bearing hinge comes with a barrel which is crafted from multiple pieces which are linked together courtesy a pin. The pin can be removed at times for making it smoother to remove the door and sometimes it may not be required. A removable pin is something worth considering when you are browsing through available options. 

  1. Butt Hinges
Butt Hinge.jpg

Butt Hinges are a highly popular bearing type which is regarded as suitable for doors which are heavier. These are mostly found for interior doors although they can also be used for commercial and exterior doors as well. They can be removed easily when required and usually come with removable pins. 

  1. Spring Hinges 
Spring Hinge.jpg

Spring hinges are another specific mortise hinge type with in-built springs within the barrel. This kind of hinge is tailored to automatically close doors after they are opened. Owing to their self-closing design and functionality, spring hinges are considered the right options for external doors, keeping air conditioning air inside and external air out from the space. They are usually seen on garage doors since they help in preventing fumes from cars from spiraling into the home. 

Double-action spring hinges function both ways, i.e. automatically closing doors whether you open them or not. They are popular for doors that are lighter in weight like the ones you would rather have for the dining room or kitchen entrance. 


Make sure that you check the various types of hinges carefully before buying. You should view the available types and whether they are in sync with your door, before taking any decisions. 

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