Uses of Blockboard in Furniture Making

Blockboard plays a vital role in the making of all kinds of furniture. There are many reasons why you should choose a blockboard. For one, it is light in weight. This works to enhance the product’s shelf life as well as ensures ease of transport becomes possible making it a great choice of engineered wood. Owing to this, logistical costs are also kept to a minimum. 

Another great thing about blockboard is that it resists warping and sagging. This is because they are stiff and do not bend in the middle. Additionally, blockboards manufactured by trusted brands are borer and termite proof, adding to the durability factor of any furniture made with blockboard. All of these factors make blockboard perfect for furniture making.

What is blockboard?

Blockboard is basically an engineered woodthat is quite similar to plywood. However, there is a main distinction you need to keep in mind. This distinction comes in the construction of both these engineered woods. Blockboard is manufactured by have a core of multiple strips/blocks of wood that are glued together with superior resins. Following this, face veneers are glued together on both sides of the board. Here are some uses of blockboards:

Benches, tables, and wall furniture 

Blockboard is used to make benches, tables, and even wall furniture. Its density is lower than plywood, while its lightweight property ensures it is seamless to move around from one place to another. You obtain sturdy benches and tables that offer longevity as well as obtain wall furniture that is as attractive looking as it is easy to handle. 

Wall panels and partitions

You can also make use of blockboard for making long wall panels and partitions. It is easy to work with and it holds nails and screws really well. Since it is dimensionally stable, it does not bend. It also does not cause issues when you want to reclaim and reuse it for other applications. This plywood is environmentally safe as well so it is perfectly safe for using it in your indoor areas.

For making single and double beds and settees

You can use it in the best way possible for making single and double beds and settees also known as divans. Since blockboard is available in various sizes, you can be sure that you are getting single and double beds depending upon the size and thickness you want your bed to be. While plywood is often the preferred option for beds, blockboards could be a useful alternate.

So, there you go. Other than the ones mentioned above, you can use a blockboard for making partition walls, interior decoration. They can also be utilized for paneling as well as tabletops. If you are thinking of using blockboardfor your various furniture requirements at your residential or commercial property, explore CenturyPly blockboards as they are the best in the Indian market.

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