<strong>Top Strategies for SMS Marketing in Salons</strong>

There are a few text message marketing best practices that every salon and spa owner should adhere to in order to get the most out of text message marketing (and increase the number of clients you can reach).

Let’s look at this:

Provide a way to opt-out

Ensure your clients have consented to receive each mail promoting your beauty salon and that they know they can unsubscribe at any time. It is not only polite but in many nations, it is also required by law.

Pro tip: After you send your initial message, provide the recipient the option to reply with “Yes” or “No” to indicate whether they agree to receive future offers.

Update the client records in your salon

Make sure you have the correct contact details for each client as it doesn’t assist anyone if you send text marketing to the wrong people.

Think About the Ideal Time

Send your messages at a time when recipients are most likely to be available to view them, or at the very least, when they are awake and not overly busy.

Add the name of your salon

Because most text message marketing is sent through a shortcode, your company name won’t automatically appear on a customer’s phone. The message itself must contain the name of your beauty parlour.

Keep It Brief

When employing salon text message marketing, it’s crucial to include pertinent information and keep the message’s body brief (160 characters is the exact limit). Make an effort to write something that customers can quickly read and comprehend.

Avoid spam

Provide clients just pertinent information about your beauty business and offers. Sending too many messages makes it inevitable that recipients will lose interest and grow irritated.

Use Your Marketing Strategy as a Guide

If you’re in charge of a hair or beauty shop, send out additional in-depth marketing materials via email or social media posts in addition to SMS promos. Don’t rely solely on one of these.

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