Reliance’s Ruthless Retail Ambitions

Being India’s largest single-listed company by market capitalisation is just a drop in the bucket for Reliance Industries. Their plan is to capture the Indian retail segment, which is expected to surpass 1.7 trillion dollars by the year 2026. As Reliance Jio was the showstopper, the retail arm of the Reliance industries took a backseat in terms of growth. The company is said to be overlooked due to the increasing focus on Jio, which proved to be a transforming force for the data and networking landscape. 

Reliance’s plan to capture the retail segment is in full swing. Reliance Retail Limited is growing at an astounding speed of seven shops a day in an attempt to expand its empire and gain from the $800bn retail market. The company has around 1600 retail stores in India, and purchases from the online segment contribute to around 17 % of the revenues. 

This staggering growth potential is not only of benefit to the Reliance industries, but it also bears fruits for the investors who purchased Reliance Retail Limited unlisted shares. Just as the company is propelling growth in the retail segment, Reliance Retail Limited is also showing considerable growth in the unlisted market segment. 

About Reliance Retail Limited

With its inception in 2006, Reliance Retail Limited has been one of the prominent players in the Indian retail segment. The company has played a major role in bringing about the Organised Retail revolution in India, and it is the only Indian retailer to be featured in the Top 100, as Reliance Retail Limited ranks 56th in the list of Top Global Retailers. 

Reliance Retail has adopted a unique strategy that operates in different store formats to give customers an unparalleled shopping experience. This subsidiary of Reliance Industries caters to the grocery, electronics, and fashion & lifestyle needs of customers all over India. 

Apart from retail, Reliance Retail Limited has also made a significant mark in the online market space via its e-commerce presence. Partnering with e-commerce sites like, the company promotes its fashion & lifestyle domain. Reliance JioMart is another hyperlocal retail solution catering to the daily consumables and grocery needs of customers all over India. 

Unmatched Growth Potential 

Being a subsidiary of the billion-dollar conglomerate set up by Mukesh Ambani, it is evident that Reliance Retail Limited has the ability to unleash its potential and reach the epitome of the retail market, not only in India but worldwide. The company is already India’s largest retailer, but now it is aiming to achieve new heights, marking the retail segment. 

The financials of the company show a strong and sturdy future. The company’s turnover for the year 2021-22 was reported to be Rs. 1,99,704 crore. It has around 200 million registered users and more than 500 million footfalls in the year 2022. Not only this, but Reliance Retail Limited also had over 120,000 transactions per hour. The company has 15,196 stores across 7000 cities in India. 

The retail arm of Reliance Industries witnessed an increase in revenue from Rs. 130,627 crores in the year 2020 to Rs. 174,980 crores in the year 2022, giving investors a positive outlook for Reliance Retail Unlisted Share Prices to generate significant returns in the long run. 

Financial Details

Particulars (in Cr)March 22March 21March 20
Revenue 174980137906130627

The Strategy To Unlock New Horizons 

To gain benefit from the growing Indian retail segment, which is growing at the rate of 10% CAGR, and is expected to reach $1315 billion by the year 2024-25, Reliance Retail Limited has made reliable and comprehensive strategies to ride this wave.

The company plans on undertaking various mergers and acquisitions along with expanding the reach of the retail stores. In one of the potential acquisition deals for Metro: A German wholesaler business, Reliance has placed a bid of $500 million.

Reliance Retail Limited, in an attempt to grow, has also announced plans to launch a fast-moving consumer goods company. Plans are also being laid out to acquire several brands to boost the business; one such deal is said to be in action with Campa, an Indian fizzy drink. 

The e-commerce segment is also included in this growth plan, as JioMart has tied up with WhatsApp to increase its online reach. 

Be A Part Of The Company’s Growth 

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