Things to Consider to Ensure Your industry oven Is As Efficient As Possible

Industrial Ovens Can Be Considerable Consumers Of Expensive Energy. What Do You Need To Consider To Ensure Yours Is As Efficient As Possible?

Industrial ovens are an essential element of many manufacturing processes for curing, drying or baking. However, they use an enormous amount of energy – up to 20 per cent of industrial energy. That makes industrial heating one of the biggest cost points for industry and manufacturers.

Solving the problem of efficiency requires consideration of three factors:

  1. The design of the oven.
  2. Regular maintenance.
  3. The way the oven is used.

With respect to oven design, there are a number of factors to take into account. Some examples include the type of energy used to generate the heat (for example gas or electricity), the nature and quality of insulation, air recirculation, heat recovery, heating process (for example conveyor designs will require attention to the heat curtains at each end of the tunnel, while stand alone ovens will require attention to the doors) and process times (the more efficient the process, the less energy will required to achieve the best outcome). 

Construction materials, wall thickness and blower technology are also important factors.

Another essential design factor to take account of is the way in which the heating process and infrastructure integrates with the overall manufacturing process. A well-integrated process will minimise delays, make product movement more efficient and deliver improved energy efficiency outcomes, reducing costs.

Automation and systems control are equally important, providing improved decision-making and supervisory control of oven use and integration with the overall manufacturing process.

Oven maintenance is also extremely important in maintaining oven efficiency – whether its insulation, filters and blowers or heating system settings, ensuring your oven is operating optimally and helping you to keep on top of your energy use. 

Just as important is the way oven is used. For example, limiting the number of times that the oven has to be opened and keeping load carts and racks as light as possible, to reduce the amount of energy required to heat them and direct the energy to the primary manufacturing purpose.

As with any other industrial process, it is essential that an industrial oven is fit for purpose, delivers the required outcomes and results in the highest quality production while also integrating seamlessly with the overall manufacturing or industrial process. That means, if you ever need to upgrade your industrial heating plant, it is important to engage with experts that understand the requirement and can help you from the start of the planning process through to delivery of the final solution.

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