Save Money On Your Next Grocery Bill With These 5 Tips!

Keeping to a household budget means cutting down unnecessary expenses. But, there are some indispensable things, like food and grocery items! Shopping for food and grocery is something everyone needs to do. 

However, it takes no time to overspend on these essentials. Sometimes, we buy so many sales items to stock them up in our fridge, while at the other times, we get trapped in the in-store promotions.

Thus, as we walk into the superstore, our entire grocery list changes! And, we end up spending more. Therefore, it’s necessary to be a savvy shopper to cut down the costs. 

Below are five tips to help you know how to save money on the food and grocery items next time to visit the superstore-

Prepare A List And Follow It

It seems like a no-brainer; however, many people shop without any clear direction. As a result, they fall into the prey of those end-of-aisle deals and grab whatever they see. A list helps ensure that you pick up only those food items you need.

You can use apps to discover more grocery and food items you need, and add it into your ongoing list. When to enter the store, you have to walk down aisles as if you have blinders on, while focusing on finding the list items only.

Use Coupons And Flyers

Clipping the coupons or looking for flyers seems like a hassle, but it really pays off. Top stores, such as Walmart, Giant Tiger, Dutchie’s Fresh Market, No Frills, AG Foods in Canada, etc. encourage the shoppers to use coupons. They organize coupons, flyers, and special deals on several items.

By requesting coupons from the manufacturers, you can save around 10% on the grocery items. You can mail them to send you the current coupons they might have. 

Similarly, you can use AG Foods Flyers in Canada to buy fresh fruits, chicken, or other foodstuffs. You can save money by shopping at a store that price matches the competitors’ flyers. For this, you need to bring your AG Foods Flyers when you shop to cash on it. 

You can talk to the manager at your favorite store to know if they price-match the competitor’s prices.

Shop At The Discount Stores

Though you want to go to your favorite supermarket for groceries, meat and other produce, shopping at a discount store like Walmart, AG Foods, etc. can help you save big bucks. Discount stores are retail shops that sell things much lower than the typical market price. So, you can find some of the best deals there.

Prefer To Buy Frozen Vegetables

Frozen vegetables are inexpensive. As these vegetables are frozen at their peak ripeness, they are more nutrient-rich. They are extremely handy when you want to prepare quick, healthy meals. Moreover, it keeps you from throwing the spoiled vegetables out, helping you save money.

Check The Expiration Prices

Make sure not to overbuy a food item that is going to go bad within a few days. Even if you find the cheapest grocery sale items, be realistic. If you are not going to use these things in your weekly menu, it makes no sense to buy them. 

Remember, stores rotate the products, putting those with the shortest expiry dates at the front. If you look at the back of the row, you can easily find the ones having the expiration dates much later.

Don’t Shop With An Empty Stomach

When you are hungry, you buy more food. However, a research shows that this hunger-spending factor applies to food, as well as non-food items. For examples, suppose you go to a store to pick up snacks. Once you reach there, you also felt need to pick some stationery. 

If you go shopping hungry, not only you’ll overspend on the snacks, but you are also likely to load up the stationery. So, fill your belly before you fill-up the shopping cart.


Food and grocery items are never a good deal if they are going to sit unused in your pantry or freezer. Thus, as long as you take time to check what you are putting in your shopping cart, you can save money on your food bill. What are your thoughts on saving money while shopping for groceries? Share with us!

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