How effective are photochromic lenses?

Tired of shifting frames from a pair of eyeglasses to other sunglasses every time you step out of home or office? Photochromic lenses are the solution.  It happens many times that when you are inside the house, you wear your distance or reading glasses having respective prescriptions. And the next moment when you are all set to step outside, you change to your attractive pair of prescription sunglasses.  This not only makes you irritated at times but also it becomes difficult to carry two pairs of glasses with you i.e. prescription glasses and sunglasses including their cases/ covers.

Imagine you are with your colleagues and keep shuffling with your eyewear from eyeglasses to sunglasses and vice versa. Does that sound bothering and embarrassing?  It is indeed.  Thus, the best you can do is wear Photochromic sunglasses to save yourself from these situations as well as the hardship that you face.

What are Photochromic Lenses?

Photochromic lenses are lenses that change colours from clear, transparent lenses to dark shades of lenses on the exposure of the sun. Similarly, when you step inside where there is an absence of any UV rays, these lenses will turn back to their original colour i.e. from a dark shade to crystal clear. The reality is that the lenses react with the ultraviolet rays present in the sun which is responsible for changing the colour of the lenses.

What causes Photochromic lenses to change color?

Photochromic lenses consist of molecules of silver chloride or any other similar silver halide that are embedded in these lenses.  These molecules are not visible in the light until there is the presence of UV rays. Even in artificial lighting or in dark rooms, which lacks UV rays, the color of the lenses tends to remain transparent. However, as soon as these Photochromic sunglasses are exposed to the UV rays in any form i.e. sunlight or any artificial UV light, then these Photochromic lenses undergo chemical reaction or process that makes the molecules absorb a certain percentage of the visible lights and they appear dark.  This reversible process changes the color of lenses back to transparent when UV rays are not exposed to the lenses.

What are the benefits of Photochromic lens?

Call them Photochromic lenses, Photochromic sunglasses, or photochromic eyeglasses, they work so efficiently that within fractions of seconds they change their color.  One of the major benefits that these glasses impart is the convenience of usage, that is to say, you need not keep on switching from eyeglasses to sunglasses repeatedly as well as you do not have to carry two pairs of eyeglasses with you every time. Photochromic lenses do the job of both eyeglasses as well as sunglasses. The second benefit is cost-saving because you do not have to invest in two pairs of eyewear. Only one pair of Photochromic lenses is enough to replace your eyeglasses and sunglasses with or without prescription.

How easy is buying Prescription sunglasses online?

How easy is buying Prescription sunglasses online?

Buying Prescription sunglasses online is easy, log on to Specscart, select any of your favorite frames from amongst the choice of an attractive collection of hundreds of frames. From several shapes and sizes to designer sunglasses, you get amazing patterns, designs, and colors in several materials. Thereafter, select the kind of lenses you want. In this case, it has to be Prescription lenses. Apart from that you also get the option to select a single vision lens or varifocal along with the choice of advanced coating i.e. anti-blue light. However, you need not mention anti-UV or anti-glare coating since all the eyewear comes loaded with anti-glare and anti-UV coating.   All this at affordable prices and express dispatch within 24 hours. 

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