How to Build a Better Relationship with Your Employees

When you are an entrepreneur, you know that your business will only be as strong as the talent you have on board. Your employees will be spending their days contributing to the success and growth of your business, and for this reason, you will need to have the right people on board. Furthermore, you are going to need to be able to keep the right people on board by ensuring that they are happy with their employment situation.

A big part of ensuring that your employees are happy and content with working at your company is through building a stable relationship with them. When you are able to have a strong relationship with the people that you have working for you, you are going to experience less turnover and better results across the board.

If you are currently looking for ways to build a better relationship with your employees, here are a few tips that can help you accomplish that goal.

Make Sure They Have What They Need

Ensuring that your employees have what they need to do their jobs well is the first step to building a strong relationship with them. If they have to approach their jobs without the right tools and resources at their disposal, it can lead them to distrust your ability to lead and feel as though your expectations of them aren’t realistic. Such a situation is not likely to serve as the right foundation for your professional relationship.

Take the time to evaluate everything from the software and systems you have in place to the compensation and employee benefits you offer your workers. All of these things and more serve as the components for a strong foundation for your relationship with your workers. With the right resources at their disposal, they will feel that you understand the specific roles that they play and will be more likely to stick around.

Have an Open Door Policy

One thing that can be detrimental to the relationship that you have with your employees is when they feel as though they aren’t being heard or even noticed by you. When you enter the office and immediately close your door and get to work, remaining in that position all day, you are making yourself unavailable to your employees.

Instead, have your door literally open as often as is reasonable to directly demonstrate that you are there for anything your employees might need. Make sure that you take the time to address this directly and let them know that they are welcome to come to you with any issues or concerns that they might have. 

When an employee does approach you with a concern, it is essential to truly listen to them and make sure they know you are listening. Your employees’ thoughts and insights are valuable and should be treated as such in a manner that lets them know that they are being heard.

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