How Product Visualisation Changed Throughout the Years

Product visualization is mostly connected to online shopping – you do not see the product physically because you are not at the store but you still need to know what you are buying. So every website trying to sell you something has to somehow show you their products virtually.

Some websites are more advanced and some are visibly less so. The visualisation of products is different everywhere and that is a factor that can set your store apart and make it seem more professional and trustworthy than your competition.

The Beginning of Online Shopping

In the past, when the online shopping phenomenon was just starting, the quality and user-friendliness of web stores were not so great. It seemed rather dangerous to buy anything online, and it took a lot of time to ship the products to your house. 

Confusion Around the Products

The only form of product visualization was pictures – usually up to three but their quality was questionable. More often than not they failed to present a product to you – it was all ominous and you couldn’t even zoom in on the thing you were thinking about buying.

Problems with Product Visualisation

Not many people decided on buying anything online then. It seemed unreliable and way too complicated. But as time passed companies started to catch on – most of them realized they needed to change something to make selling their products on the Internet work. 

Technological Advancement

Web technologies were also getting better and better. They took advantage of that. It made a lot of things easier. 

A Gradual Change for the Better

Companies tried to understand an average buyer and how they would perceive their website. They started adding more pictures so the clients could have a clearer idea. From around three pictures per product, it started to be more or less thirty.

A Significant Improvement

Of course, every website of every store developed at a different pace. Some of them looked legitimate a lot faster than the others but ultimately, they all caught up.

Nearly Perfection – Present Times

Nowadays we do not have any problems with online shopping. Everything is clear and pretty. Every site is on the same level. 

The Huge Appeal of Online Shopping

And buying any type of product on the Internet has become so popular that we don’t even think about it as something extraordinary. We can buy a variety of goods ranging from food to furniture and everything in between. 

Visualisation at Its Best

The way that products are presented online is very straightforward and we do not have to guess. We get a lot of pictures from different angles and more often than not, a video showcasing a specific item. That is probably the most helpful. 

Making Our Ideas Come True

Right now we can even visualize the products that we designed ourselves and make them come to life. It is all possible online!

Final Thoughts

As humanity, we have progressed a lot during recent years. Technological advancement makes our everyday life easier. It made online shopping a fun and convenient way of getting anything you want without leaving the house

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