Nowadays, Building toys play an important role in the development of kids. These types of toys create an outlet which helps kids to express themselves in many ways and make them mentally capable to handle bad trips in the future. These are highly beneficial for children to enhance their problem-solving skills and creativeness.

One of my readers suggested I write a blog on best building toys of the new generation era to help newly-wed and for those parents who are not aware of it. So here we are with a fine collection of popular and best building toys for kids.

Best Building Toys for kids

1.Magna Tiles

Magna tiles can easily use by children of all ages. Children enjoy color construction fun while playing with these toys. Magna tiles feature magnetic accessories and colorful sets of hundred pieces and available on market and online at reasonable prices. While playing with Magna tiles kids gain knowledge of geometric structure which improves their mathematical skills. there are so many different types of Magna tiles that you can choose like,” Small square, Large square, Small Triangle, large triangle, cubic and much more.

2. Marble Run

Such types of toys helped children to raise problem-solving skills. It comprises wooden or plastic having a combination of circular, curved and straight track with support pieces and accessories. First of all, kids have to open toy sets and arrange all accessories in such a way to create a route to run a marble (toy car, small toy bus) through it and have fun. It is a little bit challenging but it creates excitement and entertaining for them and once they complete this challenge then they feel more confident.

3. K’NEX 35 Model Ultimate Building Toys

K’NEX 35 is a collection of rods, bricks, and connectors. These are ideal for the age of 4-7 kids. They are unique and challenging toy set for kids and the best part is that it comes with its combination of 480 parts and pieces. K’NEX also provides a booklet that has instructions to create 35 different toys like, car, helicopter, train, toy house, etc.


Tinker toy was early recognized in 1950 and boom in the market of toy accessories because of its It is good for preschoolers which tends your children towards the concept of science, engineering, arts, mathematics and much more. When you think that K’NEX is harder and complicated then you can choose tinker-toy for children because these building toys are simply challenging and unique.

5. Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits are manufactured for 7 years and older children. This kit is very much popular between those kids who love science. It helps kids to gain knowledge that how an electrical circuit works in the device in their daily life. Such toys set are a combination of a line electronic kits in different shapes, size including lamps motor and speaker. A plastic dashboard is the base of a snap circuit with different components that allow kids to create a working circuit.

6.Learning Resources Gears

Let get a brief knowledge of deluxe building toys, It is a set of 100 pieces and has 45 gears (in all color). It helps children to raise their creative skills and imaginations skill. it’s on top of a chart of building toys because these are uniform and durable with 2.5 inches diameter. The toy is an ideal choice for kids aged three years or above then. It is a puzzle game for kids to improve their mental skills. These toys applicable for 3 years & above

7.Melissa & Doug Wooden Construction Building Toys

the wooden construction building set features with 48 high-quality pieces (including nuts, bolts child-size screwdriver, storage box) any time children play with that box, a child can make more than 50 amazing structures too. they can develop his motor skills and hand-eye coordination with the help of that durable set. storage box helps you to keep the toys away when not in use. The toy is the ideal choice for little engineer aged 4 to 6 years

8.Toy Pal Educational Engineering STEM kits

 An educational engineering building set with 100 pieces helps kids learn mechanics and engineering as they connect to them. kids make anything with the help of the toy feature (airplane, car, truck). It’s educational fun for kids this building set is ideal for kids aged 6 to 9 years. Its sturdy durable plastic material toys for kids to use a long time.

9.DAZHOG Remote Control Building Block Robot STEM Toy

The toy set to feature 346 pieces with led charging including batteries. Kids are more curious about robots because it’s fun for kids and also, they learn how the building system works. these toys also for the young generation to improves his thinking & logical skills. It is easy for charge n safety material for kids. This educational set is the ideal choice for kids aged 6 to 14 years

10.Gili STEM Toys Construction Learning Toys

The set has a wide variety of 100 colorful pieces and a motor that works through a preinstalled battery, which helps to moves toy forward and backward direction. These toys are highly popular among younger age (1 to 5 years) kids. These toys are like cars motors trucks, etc. kids are so excited about how the car works and move forward. It’s an entertainment time for kids and it helps him to improve his skills.

Comparison between LEGO and MEGA BLOKS

When someone wants to buy the best building toys kids then, first of all, have a little bit of knowledge of Lego and Mega Bloks. Lego and Mega Bloks inspired others due to proper uniform shape and size of plastic building blocks with a huge variety and colors which make it unique from other toys available in the market.

Lego was manufactured by the Lego company in 1949 and Mega Bloks was designed by Mega brands in 1967. Lego has non-metallic nature in color and the other one has both non-metallic and camo. Lego is more expensive then Mega Bloks because of its high quality.

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