How You Can End the War inside Your Head

Unfortunately, life is not simple at all. People struggle with many things, some more than others. But it’s merely a matter of strength and will.

You can get through whatever difficulty you are facing by not letting it devour you. It is essential to do whatever is necessary. Whether your fight is big or small, it can have horrendous consequences. Just think, has it ever happened that you spent days worrying about a possible outcome that never happened?

Your mental health is too important to give it up to a war. You need to get back to living a healthier lifestyle. The first you should do is write down all your thoughts and problems, which you can use later to help others. Discourse can be very beneficial, even if done anonymously. 

Other than that, you need to do these two things

Retreat from the Field

Try to simply be the war correspondent, who observes everything without participating. The reason is that you can’t stop the fight by continuing to engage in it.

It will be very challenging, and you might need some help. But you need to find a way to get back to reality. Only then can you focus on stepping back from the battlefield.

Turn Down Your Thoughts

Try to feel the adverse effects the war is having on your mental health. Not only that but also to the people around you. The awareness can give you motivation and the will to at least try and end the war. 

Only by realizing that the war thrives on your unconscious participation can you become conscious of it and reclaim your mental state. 

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