Breast Lift Scars: What to Expect

a. Are scars avoidable? 

A typical breast lift begins with an incision that begins around the nipple and continues down to the underside of the breast and leaves a breast lift scar. The scars are completely avoidable only in a scarless breast lift operation. The physician augments the breast sans any visible scars in a scarless breast lift operation.

Breast lift scars can be lessened using home cures, but they will not fully disappear. If you stop using your home or OTC treatments, the scars may grow significantly more apparent. If the breast lift scars are extensive, your dermatologist may offer professional scar removal procedures.

b. What will the scarring look like?

Breast Lift Scars and Their Appearance

The scars from a breast lift will be highly obvious, with a red, elevated appearance, even though the incision(s) is thin. The scar will fade to pink and then turn white as the wound heals, and it will flatten out just as it is no longer elevated.

c. Different Types of technique through which Breast Lift is done

Breast lift surgery uses a variety of incision patterns and procedures, each of which is suitable to a diverse set of patients and intended outcomes. Several of these techniques have been around for a lot longer, while others are very recent, and few (such as “scarless” lifts) are still regarded as comparatively unproven at this time.

In case you are in the process of deciding to get a Breast Lift done, it is wise to speak with your treating surgeon about the possible techniques involved such as,

The Anchor Incision

This approach leaves maximum scarring and is best suited for ladies with severe sagging who would not benefit from less invasive procedures. The anchor incision is the most traditional procedure for breast lifts and is the preferred method for large volume breast reductions.

The Lollipop Lift

The lollipop breast lift incorporates a surgical incision in a ring around the areola, and a straight incision going from the bottom of the areola to the center of the breast crease, and is intended for women who need a medium level of surgical intervention.

The Donut Lift

Donut mastopexy is a type of breast lift procedure that can help with minor sagging. A circular incision from around the areola is used in this procedure. It’s also frequently used to shrink the areola.

The Crescent Lift

Breasts with minor sagging respond well to the crescent lift. The operation is frequently performed in conjunction with breast augmentation. A crescent-shaped incision is made along the top portion of the areola by the plastic surgeon. After the crescent skin is taken out, the implants are placed.

The Scarless Lift

A scarless breast lift is a minimally invasive surgery that uses radiofrequency technology to gently tighten the breasts’ skin for a modest yet natural lift.

d. Can you get the scars removed?

Although breast lift scars are permanent and most obvious immediately following surgery, they can fade and become less noticeable with time. Genetics, skin color, kind of incision, wound healing experience, and patients’ complete health all have a role in the degree that the scar fades.

Corticosteroid injection, bleaching drugs, camouflage tattoos, laser or intense pulsed light, or surgical revision may be used to treat visible breast lift surgery scars, depending on what aspects are causing scar visibility.

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