Visit the best family dental clinic in Winnipeg

If you are looking for a dentist for your family in Winnipeg, contact our friendly staff at Plessis Dental one of the best family dental clinic to make an appointment. We offer a variety of dental services to your family. Whether it’s a child’s cavities, teeth whitening, or parents’ new dentures, it meets the needs of patients of all ages. Comprehensive dental services, teeth cleaning, padding, wisdom tooth extraction, and other dental repair and esthetic services are included. Plessis Dental and its dental hygienists are ready to provide personalized service to each patient. 

Children and teens have unique dental needs, and they usually need different ways to have a positive experience. It is important that your children feel satisfied, safe, and understood by their dentist. Plessis Dental Youth Health division has dentists and hygienists dedicated to the dental health and continuing care of children who have experience working with children. They ensure that your child is educated in good dental habits from an early age and is not even afraid to look forward to seeing a dentist. Our plessis dental staff are there to provide the best dental service for you and your family and helps you to get relief from your dental problems. 

What can you get from our Plesis Dental dentistry?

New state-of-the-art clinic with an equally experienced dental team:

Plessis Dental recently moved to a new location to better serve our patients and enable them to treat them using new, state-of-the-art dental equipment. Our family dentisthas been treating patients for over years and has proudly built strong relationships with their families in the Winnipeg area.

Patient first approach:

We are patient-centered dentistry. In other words, we put our patients with a lot of priority. Whatever dental problem you are facing, Plessis Dental-friendly staff will help you. Before providing personalized service, we understand our patients and dental records.

Submit insurance:

We are the best dentist office in Winnipeg that accepts most dental plans and our staff will submit insurance forms for you electronically. We pride ourselves on offering the convenience of not having to pay for treatment upfront.

Provide emergency medical care:

If your child grits their teeth while they play, or if you lose your crown at lunchtime, call Bronstein Family Dental for emergency dental care. The dental center is located in Greencrest Plaza, south of Winnipeg, 

Dentistry service for kids

We are committed to providing the top dentist for kids and also provide a comfortable environment for kids. They take the time to fully understand before your dental exam so that your child’s first visit goes smoothly. Our thoughtful and sensitive pediatric dentistry team makes sure your kids leave with a smile.

Plessis Dental recommends that you organize the first visit when your child is very young. In this way, children can familiarize themselves with the ideas and processes of dental examination as soon as possible, thus eliminating problems before they arise. Plessis Dental team is happy to answer questions about common dental health issues in children, such as:

  • The relationship between diet and tooth decay
  • Fluoride for water, toothpaste and supplements
  • Tips for flossing effectively brushing your child’s teeth
  • At what age should baby teeth and adult teeth grow?
  • Potential demand for future orthodontic treatment

Health insurance and dedicated clinic

We are committed to providing high-quality services and good experiences to young people who visit our hospitals. Plessis Dental youth clinic offers flat-screen televisions, fluoride, flavored gloves, demonstration models, plus toys and cartoons to keep your little brother busy. As you and your child will see during the same visit, Plessis Dental can organize simultaneous appointments with our general dental hygiene division.

Plessis Dental’s experienced team provides the highest quality professional dental care in a comfortable and pleasant environment. Our modern clinics and on-site practice are equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology, so whatever your needs, you can always count on us with a smile. Plessis Dental hospital is bright, modern, and has facilities and facilities that allow you to have a quiet and comfortable time. Plessis Dental staff will do their best to make sure that every visit you have is the best.

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