A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Programmer

In this article, we will look at the basics of programming and everything you would need to know in order to successfully pursue a career as a programmer.  

What is programming?

Programming is the act of writing code that can be understood and interpreted by a computing device in order to perform various tasks and instructions. Programming provides computers with instructions that allow them to ingest, process, and store data. It is essentially a set of commands, made up of codes, given to a computer that it must follow.  

How should you learn and practice programming?

Certain skills and career choices are more theory-based than based on practical application, however, learning how to become a programmer is more about practice than it is about learning the theory behind it. The most successful programmers spend on average 80% of the time physically practicing their programming skills and the remaining 20% learning the theory behind it. Learning the different languages and basic concepts of programming, which will also be briefly discussed below, is one thing, but it is another thing to put it into practice. Learning how to apply the theory of programming in real-life situations is the real challenge behind becoming a successful programmer. The best advice you can possibly follow is practice, practice, practice. It is the key to become a proficient programmer.

The different programming languages 

Computers do not understand languages as we understand them. Computers used to work on a series of on and off switches and when people write codes, it is these on and off switches that a written code affects. Computers thus used a binary numerical system consisting of ones and zeros to use these on and off switches. However luckily for us, very clever people long before our time found a way to interact with computers and send computing commands without using the binary system. They created programming languages. 

Several different programming languages have since been developed that computers can now interpret and understand.  Programming languages have evolved over a number of decades from using punch cards that were inserted into computers to simply typing a code directly into a computer. Programming languages like Assembly or C are of the easier, lower-level programming languages, while those like Python and Ruby are significantly more sophisticated and resonate rather closely to human language. Different programming languages have different purposes. Programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML are most often used to write and create websites whereas programming languages such as C are generally used to write operating systems. It’s important to do some research into the different programming languages before choosing the one you are most comfortable with and want to start with. 

Learning the basic concepts of programming first   

To become a proficient programmer is it important to know and fully understand the basic concepts of programming. Concepts like data types, variables, functions, lists, strings, conditional loops, classes and objects, and trees and maps are concepts common to most programming languages and thus a good place to start learning. A few of these concepts are more complicated to understand than others, but once you are able to grasp them you can start programming by creating your own problems and then attempt to solve them. Without first understanding, the functions of these basic concepts and how they relate to writing code, programming are simply not possible. 

Anyone can become a programmer

Anyone can become a proficient programmer with the right attitude and a lot of practice. As someone that is new to programming, it will take a lot of time, dedication, and patience to make a career out of it. According to Nagabhushanam “Bobby” Peddi, TRUiC CEO, “Aspiring programmers should not be afraid to ask for assistance. JSBeginners is the top JavaScript project resource website for js beginners, we understand that it is a timely process but with the tutorials, we offer a beginner programmer can become an expert in no time at all”.

Becoming a programmer can be the best decision you’ve ever made. It is a rewarding, high-paying career choice that is also in demand and has endless opportunities and alternatives that are definitely worth exploring. 

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