3 Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

If you run a business online, one of your top priorities will be to increase your conversion rate. This is because an increased conversion rate translates to more customers, which should lead to more profit for your business. In this comprehensive article, we will share three effective ways to boost your website conversion rate and get more customers.

Add Logos, Testimonials and Reviews

No one wants to be the first person to try out a new service or product. Before most people buy a product or try out a service, they will read recommendations from others to see if it is worth their money or not. Because of this, it’s important that you add testimonials to your business or company site. This will put people’s minds at peace.

In addition to this, you can also add a series of logos to the footer of your website. This will build trust with new visitors and they won’t be left questioning your integrity or reliability. Mapping your customer success journey will go a long way in enhancing the customer experience, which could lead to an increased conversion rate.

Remove Distractions

If your website contains too many distractions, it will likely push potential customers away. So, ensure that your business’ landing page is concise, clear, and user-friendly. If something isn’t important, don’t include it. You should only add what your visitors want to know and nothing else. The more simple your landing page, the more conversions you should get.

It’s a good idea to only include the following on your landing page: a headline and subheadings, benefits and features, testimonials and reviews, and visuals. You can also include a live chat box feature and social proof. By removing all the distractions, your visitors will be able to better focus on your products or services. You can use tools like Crazyegg to aid with this.

Make the Initial Step Easy and Use Powerful CTAs

Humans tend to finish what they started. So when it comes to what you want the customer to do, the first step should be simple to complete. Rather than asking them to fill in an entire form, simply ask for their email address. Then you can send an email requesting additional information. If the initial stage is easy, you should get more people taking the desired actions.

In addition to that, using generic CTAs won’t give you the best conversion rate. So you should spend more time improving your CTAs. We recommend that you use a CTA that starts with “Yes” as this will encourage customers to view your offer in a positive light. Try out “Yes, I want [Your Offer]! This should work a lot better than generic CTAs.

One Final Word

In this article, we have discussed some tips you can use to increase your conversion rate. Now it’s time for you to test your website and figure out what needs to be done. In addition, we also recommend that you practice effective customer journey mapping – it will help you to see the steps each customer takes when interacting with your website, thus enabling you to improve.

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