5 Reasons to Love Solar Batteries

If you have a solar power system in your home, you probably love all the benefits that only solar power can provide. You can run your household appliances on clean solar power, and you can rely less on the dirty power supplied by your municipal grid. However, if you’re not storing your power with a solar battery (such as those manufactured by Victron Energy), you’re not getting the most out of your solar system. Find out how solar batteries can change your life.

1. Greater Independence

Upgrading your home by adding a battery — and a corresponding Victron Energy inverter —  enables you to use the power you generate whenever you need it. With power readily available in your own home, you can power the house with energy stored from your panels at night or on cloudy days, further lessening your dependence on the city’s grid. 

2. Safety During Blackouts

Some neighborhoods are especially prone to blackouts. You could live in a part of the country where hurricanes are frequent, or in a place where the power grid can go down due to other factors like high winds or wildfires. Solar batteries protect you from ever going dark, even if the rest of the neighborhood has. 

3. Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels

Remember one of the reasons you went solar in the first place: to get away from fossil fuels. Every time you’re able to draw power from the sun and not from coal or natural gas you’re doing your part to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions. 

4. A Quiet Source of Power

The traditional source of backup power for the home is the generator. If you’ve ever had to run a generator, then you know how loud and dirty generators are. Where backup power sources are concerned, you can’t get quieter or cleaner than a solar battery.

5. Lower Electricity Bills

If you think solar power is an inexpensive source of power, then you’ll love having a solar battery. That’s because it makes it possible to draw less power from the grid than ever before. The more independent you are from the city’s power supply, the less money you wind up paying for energy. 

If you have solar power in the home, why not maximize its effectiveness? Adding a Victron Energy solar battery to your home’s solar system is a great way to let your solar system live up to its full potential.

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