5 Plumbing Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home

Whenever you’re having a hard time deciding whether to push through a home upgrade or not, always think of the long term benefits that it can provide your home. The upfront costs will always be there, but that should not scare you away. One of the best home upgrades that you will not regret spending your money on is modernizing your plumbing system. Getting better fixtures or appliances can boost the overall system’s performance and lower plumbing costs in your home. 

If you are interested in adding value to your residential property, try these 5 plumbing upgrades today.

Get a dishwasher.

Washing your dishes by hand uses an average of 27 gallons of water. On the other hand, it only takes 5 gallons of water for a dishwasher to clean an entire load of dishes. See? A new dishwasher will not only save you from the hassle of washing dishes on the sink, but it can also significantly lower your monthly energy bills. On top of that, an integrated dishwasher appliance can charm people into buying your property if you decide to put it on sale. 

Opt for a tankless water heater.

Tankless water heaters are highly becoming popular in homes as they offer a long list of benefits. Compared to its traditional counterpart, a tankless water heater can help you save more on energy, plus it takes less space in your home. However, it is highly necessary that you find the proper size unit for your house to get an unlimited supply of hot water all year round. To get access to the best tankless water heaters in the market, work with a reputable plumber in your local area. 

Get water-saving toilets.

Homeowners are crazy about modern and elegant bathroom aesthetics, but often put aside the need for plumbing upgrades. Old bathroom fixtures are the common causes of plumbing problems in a home, and thus, must be replaced right away. For better bathroom functionality and appearance, you should install the new water-saving toilets. High-efficiency water-saving toilets can save around 14,000 gallons of water per household every year. 

Add insulation to your water pipes.

Aside from buying new plumbing fixtures, focus on adding efficiency to your plumbing system by taking care of your water pipes. Major plumbing repairs usually start with problems down the pipes like leaks. Bursting pipes in the winter are common because of the lack of pipe insulation. To properly insulate your water pipes, ask the help of a licensed and skilled plumber. You don’t want to cause harm to your pipes by using the wrong insulating material or wrapping method. 

Invest in professional drain cleaning.

Clogged and slow drains are enemies of a household. It causes sinks and floors to smell and the washing work to pile up. You need to watch your household’s use of chemical drain cleaners because it can damage the pipe walls when overused. To get the best solution for your home’s drain problem, hire a professional drain cleaning service instead. That way, you rest assured that the drain problem will not come back.

Partner with a reputable plumbing company

Make sure you are not wasting money on these plumbing upgrades by hiring the service of a reputable plumbing company. You can’t trust your home’s plumbing adjustments to a team with mediocre skills. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the most benefits out of your new plumbing or even cause damage to the system. 

Discuss your plumbing needs with a professional before pushing through any new installations or replacements in your home. Make the phone call today to schedule a personal consultation. 

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