TOEFL 2021 – Eligibility criteria, Exam Pattern, Date, Score, Registration Process, Results

“Study Abroad” has been trending for the students who are planning for higher education abroad. Students are looking for new opportunities, career growth, employment facilities, a better lifestyle, or a bright future. However, before you decide which course to take up, which university and which country, and so on. But you are missing out on the most essential part here, which is the English Language Proficiency Test. Students who want to study in the UK, USA, Canada are required to be fluent in English, while students can pursue MBBS in Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, and many countries where English language proficiency tests are not a mandatory part of the application process. So, if you wish to study MBBS in the UK, USA then you need to pass an English language proficiency test as a part of the admission process at the desired university. TOEFL is one of the main English language proficiency tests which is accepted worldwide.


They conduct this test to assess students’ ability to communicate in English, specifically academic, university, and classroom-based settings. The ETS (Education Testing Service) administers this test. They set up the question papers, and send the scorecards to the examinees. About thousands of universities across 130 countries accept this test. But this test is more favored in American universities.

TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition Test

The students who are planning to study in American countries, and the center being temporarily shut because of the ongoing pandemic, the ETS has launched the TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition test. This home edition test is available for the candidates until the test centers function in full capacity. Candidates can get their scorecards within 6-10 days. 

Eligibility Criteria

It would be a relief for the students to know that ETS has specified no mandatory eligibility criteria like age limit, and as per educational criteria, candidates must be a high school degree pass out. Go through the guidelines mentioned on the official website. 

TOEFL Exam Dates 2021

Candidates can register beforehand as per the TOEFL exam dates. You get around 50 exam dates for TOEFL. Because of the current pandemic outbreak, students can appear for online exams under surveillance. 

TOEFL Exam Pattern 2021 (Content / Image)

  • The ETS measures the English language skills of the candidates through the following sections: 
  • TOEFL Reading–In this section, candidates will have to read 3-4 passages (700 words) and answer 30-40 questions (includes 10 types of questions).
  • TOEFL Writing–This section comprises two tasks–TOEFL integrated and TOEFL independent tasks.
  • TOEFL Listening–Candidates are required to answer 28-39 questions within 41-57 minutes 
  • TOEFL Speaking–This section comprises one independent and three integrated speaking tasks. 

Exam Pattern for TOEFL ibt 2021 is explained widely below:

TOEFL Sections

TOEFL Scores 

ReadingExpert (24–30)
High-intermediate (18–23)
Ordinary (4–17)
Weak (0–3)
ListeningExpert (22–30)
High-intermediate (17–21)
Ordinary (9–16)
Weak (0–8)
SpeakingExpert (25–30)
High-intermediate (20–24)
Ordinary (16–19)
Basic (10–15)
Below Basic (0–9)
WritingExpert (24–30)
High-intermediate (17–23)
Ordinary (13–16)
Basic (7–12)
Below Basic (0–6)

TOEFL Registration 2021

The application intakes are available throughout the year. 

Candidates can apply online by logging in to the official website of TOEFL. In the first step, students need to create a validated profile and submit the passport as one of the primary documents while registering for TOEFL. Review the information provided and the name should be pronounced correctly. Lastly, pay the application fee to complete the registration.

You can also register through TOEFL registration forms through mail to the registered address. First, download the TOEFL registration form, fill in specific codes (available online) and fill the registration form manually. Then the candidate has to send the form to RRC (Regional Registered Centers). Make the test registration payment from the options mentioned in the form. Candidates will receive mail from them at least a month prior to the test date. If not, then he/she must call RRC at least three days before the registration deadline.

You can get the contact number of RRC from the official website of TOEFL. Fill up the personal details and pay the registration fee via credit card or debit card or echeck. Registration will end a week before the exam date. If the candidate cannot register in the period then, a fine of $40 will be charged.

TOEFL Result 2021

The TOEFL scorecard will be sent to mail within 10 days of taking the exam. The TOEFL ibt score will be evaluated differently as compared to the TOEFL PBT score. Candidates must log in with the registered ETS user id to download the scorecard. 

If you have decided to study in any of the American countries then English language proficiency tests will play a vital role in your journey to pursue medical education. Many medical universities have “ENGLISH” as the primary medium of teaching, so it’s an advantage for Indian students who can read and write English perfectly. But you can also pursue MBBS in Ukraine, Russia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and many other countries where it’s not necessary to take this test.

Before you decide to get admission to your desired university, check which English proficiency test is acceptable by that medical university. Good Luck.!

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