The Ever-increasing Trend of Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is the most loved sport in India and many other countries in the world. No other sport would have the fan following as cricket has. It connects people and brings to you the feeling of oneness. In India during cricket matches, people leave all other works and stick to the TV screens wherever they are. In Indian households, every child plays cricket. Most of them dream to be part of national and international teams once in their lifetime. But unfortunately, everyone is not that lucky to be part of these teams and represent their state or country. For these people, the evolution of fantasy cricket is a dream comes true. They can play fantasy cricket games online. These games are in the recent trend where a person can form an imaginative team of real players and play virtually. These games are skill-driven and require expertise, and knowledge of the cricket for playing. Fantasy games are more than normal games. These games are appealing, attractive and engrossing.

The trend of fantasy games is increasing nowadays. With the advent of the technology of smartphones in India, the online gaming culture has rapidly expanded as most people have smartphones with them. Taking advantage of it various companies have launched mobile applications and websites for fantasy sports games, especially cricket. There are enormous users of these apps in India. It is a safe and secure platform for people to enjoy their favorite sport at their leisure and win cash prizes. These applications allow people to compete on the international level which increases their competencies. Fantasy games have turned out to be the true source of enthusiasm for sports fans worldwide as they can interestingly follow their passion for sports. Be it football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, etc. Please visit Nekraj Cricket Prediction website for the latest news about cricket.

The criteria to play fantasy cricket league online is simple. You just need to log in and register yourself on the website or download a mobile application and register yourself on it. Make sure the app or the website is safe and legal. After that, a list would appear with all the options of matches available. You can choose the one which you find interesting. Now it’s time to form the team. Choose all the players wisely including the captain and vice-captain because your success depends on the efficiency of your team. There are various paid and free contests. In paid contests, you can participate by depositing some amount of money. If you win you would be rewarded with a cash prize whereas on losing you would also lose the cash deposited by you at the start of the game. The money earned from these games is legal and lawful. All these payments are done through digital mode.

Free contests are the practice contests where you can enhance your knowledge and boost your skills by playing as many matches you want without the risk of losing any money. You can analyse your game from time to time by looking at your scores and rank on the leaderboard. You need to score higher than your opponent to win the game. Live fantasy cricket leagues are most preferred by people. The craze of people increases during the season of IPL, world cup, T20 matches. It breaks all the monotony of just sitting in front of your TV screen and watching the match. Instead you can experience the real action. People turn from passive participants into active participants.

There are various reasons which contribute to the increasing trend of fantasy cricket in India. First of all India is the second-largest country in terms of internet usage. The basic requirement for these games is the internet makes it easier in the country like India to increasingly trend. Moreover, the population using smartphones here is also higher. Approximately one-tenth users of these games are Indians compared to the rest of the world. India is digitalizing hence the scope of these games also tends to rise in the coming years. People between the age groups of 20-35 constitute around 50% of the total population in India. These people can easily adapt to new technology and therefore men from this age group constitute the major chunk of the gaming population. 

India has the highest number of cricket fans all over the world. This is the reason why companies launch the best fantasy game apps in the Indian gaming market. Above all, it also gives you an opportunity of earning a good amount of money. All you need is the right skills, expertise, and good knowledge of cricket. It is providing a kind of career opportunity for the youth. The trend of fantasy cricket and other sports would grow in the coming years due to India’s rising digital presence, growing population of youth, adoption of new technology and never-ending excitement, love and craze for sports, especially cricket. These games are promoted and endorsed by famous sports personalitieswhich is a good way of attracting people towards these games. One can never get tired of such games as it keeps you engaged and gives you a sense of achievement.

These games have not only benefitted the sports fans but also the companies who have launched these games. The fantasy game industry is earning huge revenues not only in India but in the whole world due to the rising popularity. The craze, fan following, and involvement of people in cricket are the major reason for the massive success of these companies in India. Fantasy gaming is expected to have an annual growth rate of around 28 % till 2022. The reason for this growth includes the increasing disposable incomes, decreasing tariff rates, and rising digitization. Indian fantasy sports game markets are attracting new entrants. To make a game successful it requires attracting users by endorsing and promoting the game through their famous sports personality, connecting users with the game by giving them exciting offers and cash prizes, introducing innovations, additional features and diversifying games from time to time along with investors willing to invest in your venture. It is also offering employment as well as business opportunities to the youth of our country. 

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