Surrogate Mother in Countries of Europe:

Surrogacy is a medical procedure and is conducted in a few countries. Along with Ukraine, Russia, Americans, and European states, it is also conducted in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, there are different packages for surrogacy at different prices. These packages cost according to the services that are included in packages.

A surrogate mother in Germany

Germany is a prestigious power with a high standard of living and is also considered one of the best health systems on the European continent. Germany is regarded as the safest country for childbirth, despite non-standard perinatal and obstetric care methods. The postnatal care institute is well developed, and the women receive personal care at home that can be covered by health insurance.  By nature, many married couples cannot have a child naturally consider the possibility of surrogate mother in Germany.

The price of Surrogacy Includes

The price of surrogacy includes a surrogate mother’s price and the cost of maintenance during pregnancy (food, clothing, transportation, and other charges). Multiple pregnancies or the need for a cesarean section add a few thousand dollars to the price. And despite all that, the cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine remains frugal even for Ukrainians, not to mention foreigners.

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The guaranteed offers of the reproductive clinics are of great importance. They are economical and consist of purchasing a service package with a guaranteed result – a healthy child’s birth.

Surrogate mother Ukraine

The Ukraine provides full legal support in all phases of surrogacy (leihmutterschaft). It includes the registration of the child in the registry office of the municipality – Gemeente, obtaining a BSN number for non-Dutch residents, cooperation with the embassy after leaving the Netherlands, translation, provision of an apostille;

Surrogacy ensures a guaranteed birth of a healthy baby of the chosen sex, and an unlimited number of IVF, pre-implantation genetic screening of the embryo using PGD / NGS methods. It also ensures the transfer of a healthy embryo of the correct sex to a surrogate mother Ukraine – leihmutter ukraine.Complete coverage of all risks in the event of the child’s death or spontaneous abortion is covered in surrogacy in the Ukraine.

Suitable packages for surrogacy at fair prices:

There are different packages at different costs for surrogacy. These are as follows:

Own a Surrogate Mother

This package includes an unlimited number of IVF attempts with your surrogate mother. This package costs about EUR 17 000

Comfort Guarantee

This package provides free IVF trials, including PGD. It ensures limited risk coverage. This program uses its egg cells with consideration of the age characteristics of the woman.

This package costs about EUR 37 500

Balance Surrogacy for Individuals

This package provides unlimited IVF attempts, including PGD, up to and including childbirth. The package includes the participation of a surrogate mother and an egg donor. This enables the surrogate mother to be delivered in the Czech Republic.

Deluxe Delivery in the Czech Republic

This package provides a healthy (leihmutter ukraine) surrogate mother Czech republic, unlimited IVF attempts. The package includes gender selection and the selection of an egg donor with any phenotype. It has full legal support, fixed price.

This package costs about EUR 75,000

Deluxe delivery in the Netherlands

This package guarantees the birth of a child or(leihmutter niederlande) surrogate mother Netherlands. You can legally obtain a Netherlands birth certificate with the names of biological parents.

This package costs about EUR 90,000.

Surrogacy helps many couples to have children. The surrogate mothers are involved in surrogacy. The prices of a surrogate mother are different according to packages and services. There are many suitable packages at fair prices for surrogacy.

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