Saving Money on Heating This Winter

Winter is creeping upon us. The temperatures are dropping, the weather is getting wetter, and the afternoons are quickly becoming darker. It won’t be long until we’re turning the heating up at home and doing our best to keep warm. However, heating our homes can be very expensive, and most of us find that over the colder months, our energy bills are significantly higher. When money is tight, people are often forced to choose between being warm or having enough money for luxuries or even food. This isn’t a choice that any of us want to make or that we should have to make. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can reduce your heating costs and save money this winter. Here’s a look at some of the best. 

Create a Cozy Home

Your heaters aren’t the only way to warm your home up. Create a cozier atmosphere with candles and another soft lighting. Then, buy blankets, thick rugs, cushions, heavy curtains, and a draft excluder using a kohls coupon code to help keep your rooms warm, giving you the chance to trap warm air and wrap up on a cold winter’s night. 

In the bedrooms, add a thicker quilt, extra blankets, and even hot water bottles to your bed to keep warm in the night. 

Wrap Up Warm

Before you turn the heating on at home, try putting a jumper and thick socks or slippers on. When you go out, make sure you are well wrapped up in a coat, hat, and scarf, so that you don’t need to turn the heating up high to defrost yourself when you get indoors. 

Book a Boiler Service

As much as we’d like them to be, boilers aren’t infallible, especially in the winter when they get so much more use. If your boiler isn’t working at its best, it might be taking longer and costing you more to warm your home up. A boiler service can help to make sure it’s working efficiently. 

It’s also a good idea to check your radiators. If any of them aren’t working or feel cold in parts, they might need bleeding

Consider a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat gives you much greater control over your heating at home. You can use it to set a more precise schedule and even preheat your house when you are on your way home. 

Keep Your Radiators Clear

Many of us use our radiators to dry washing in the winter, and you may be tempted to move furniture next to them so that you can sit closer to the heat source. But this means that warm air can’t circulate, and so your house will be colder. You’ll need to have the heating on longer to reach the same temperate through the room. Keep your radiators clear for more efficient heating. 

Get into Good Habits

Start closing internal doors when you are staying in a room. Close the curtains as the sun goes down. Place the draft excluder by the external door when you come in and keep your slippers by the front door so you can step straight into them. Simple good habits like these can have a significant impact. 

No one should be cold in their homes. When you are, you are more likely to become ill, and it can be harder to care for your mental health. Instead of worrying about staying warm, try these great ways to reduce heating costs so that you can enjoy a cozy winter at home. 

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