Painting the Exterior of Your House: DIY vs Hiring Professionals

As a homeowner, you might be used to taking on renovations on your own. Painting the exterior of your home can be an exciting project for you to do over the weekend. However, there are specific challenges that a professional exterior painter can handle better. Keep reading to learn whether you should do the painting yourself or hire a professional. 

Consider Your House’s Features 

The first thing to think about is the features of your house. How tall is your house? One story, box-shaped homes with a straight exterior are relatively easy to paint by yourself. A three story house with irregular shapes and multiple dormers—windows vertically projected from a sloping roof—will be a bigger challenge better left to an exterior home painting professional. 

Also consider the grade, or surface slant of ground, around your home. Flat surfaces are easier to move around and position ladders for DIY projects that involve exterior painting in Canton, GA, and other cities. Walkout slopes and other obstacles (trees, shrubs, decks, fencing, vines, electrical wires, etc.) can get in the way. 

Think About Prep-Work 

While you’re examing the features of your house, look out for issues that need to be repaired before you start painting. Watch for rotting wood, peeling, and alligatoring on all siding. Also be aware of any cracks in window panes, crumbling in glaze work, and loose caulking along with the trim. You might have enough knowledge and experience to solve some of these issues. For others you aren’t as familiar with, get advice from a local paint retailer. Hire a professional to fix the extensive issues you find during prep-work. 

What Kind of Tools Are Required? 

Once you’ve figured out what repairs, if any, are required, you’ll need to determine what kind of equipment and tools to use. You probably already own some tools, which will help make things easier if you are painting the house yourself. Make a list of the prices for renting and purchasing equipment you don’t have. Compare those prices to estimates from three or more professional exterior home painting companies who will supply them for you. 

Simple one-story homes will likely only require a ladder, making them great for DIY paint jobs. Multi-story houses might require a ladder, scaffolding, planks, or lifts. If you are comfortable working in high places and can afford to rent additional equipment, then you should be fine. If you’re having trouble finding the tools you need, you might want to consider bringing in a professional. These and more considerations will help you figure out whether you can DIY or need a professional exterior painter in Canton, GA, to get the job done. 

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