Modern Advances in the Transportation Industry

Due to the high use of transportation used in the United States, it’s ideal for this industry to keep up with the demand and offer new advances that benefit everyone involved. This includes cleaner fuel sources, new technology and more efficient operations. This article touches upon some of the modern advances of transportation in the field of locomotives, automobiles, and airplanes. Each of these transportation methods is widely used and can be advantageous for both manufacturers, businesses, and those who use them every day. 


When most people think about trains, they often have an inaccurate depiction of the outdated versions from the past. However, many advances have been made. Locomotives to this day are used more for transporting goods rather than people. However, the benefits can be seen for both passengers and companies who rely on the transportation of their goods. Many locomotives have now converted to diesel-electric or electric engines, providing a more efficient way to transport. This advance has been made possible by components such as locomotive electrical contact for contactors and locomotive electrical contacts for GE EMD contactors. 


More recently, there has been a large influx of fuel-efficient vehicles entering the market. Additionally, there are alternative fuel vehicles that provide a reduction of the number of emissions released into Earth’s atmosphere. Many vehicle manufacturers are working to add features such as night vision with pedestrian detection, additional cameras and sensors, and in-car internet. Not only are manufacturers working to make the vehicle more fuel-efficient, but also looking for ways to keep the drivers, passengers, and pedestrians safe from harm. 


Airplanes are considered one of the safest ways to travel. There are many reasons for this, however, one of the reasons is due to the high level of scrutiny this transportation method is under to keep people safe. Major manufacturers are building more durable engines that reduce fuel costs. Maintenance on planes contributes quite a bit to the operating costs for most airlines, therefore aircraft components such as digital twins will set new standards in maintenance of this transportation source. 

Manufacturers of transportation components work hard at producing items that make things work more efficiently and produce a safer environment for those who operate them. The components include locomotive electrical contacts for contactors, night vision and digital twins. 

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