Key Considerations For Installation Of A Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing Spray Facility

Vehicle manufacturers have a wide variety of factors to consider when integrating a spray booth into the production line. In addition to choosing the most appropriate system to suit the vehicle type and manufacturing process, there are specific requirements related to both environmental and safety compliance that must be taken into account. There are also critical considerations related to cost efficiency with respect to inputs such as materials, energy and water.

The first critical decision relates to choosing the type of booth, or paint application method, that is required. This decision will have implications for initial cost, operating costs, manufacturing process efficiency and speed, and quality of finish. 

Options for booth types include affordable positive or negative pressure end draft booths, semi-downdraft booths for light to medium volumes and full downdraft booths for medium to high production volumes, and offering the most efficient and highest quality outcomes.

There is a range of additional design considerations that manufacturers might consider. For example, disposal of waste and paint residues or overspray, how vehicles will be conveyed, the application of robotics, and the approach to ancillary facilities such as preparation and paint mix rooms. The approach to automation and supervisory and control systems is also an important decision.

It is most important to recognize that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to the design, construction, and commissioning of a commercial vehicle manufacturing spray booth. To deliver the best results requires a sophisticated, bespoke approach built on an understanding of your individual business requirements and manufacturing processes.

DRYSYS Spray Cure is a leader in designing, constructing, and commissioning of high performance, efficient and innovative vehicle spray booths in Australia. We specialize in designing and building bespoke paint finishing facilities that are compliant with stringent and complex energy, safety, and environmental regulations.

Our team of engineers and project managers is skilled professionals who take into account details like the throughput and capability of your facility, production processes, the quality of finishing required on the products, safety requirements, and the level of automation required, before proposing potential spray booth designs and types. A key differentiating factor for is our fully integrated PLC control systems, delivering industry best automation and decision-making support.

As a leading Australian spray booth manufacturer, DRYSYS Spray Cure brings extensive industry experience and turn-key solutions from design to commissioning. Our qualified engineers work with our clients to closely understand their requirements and specifications to deliver solutions that are fully integrated with the production line and management systems.

As a bespoke industrial engineering company, our team focuses on that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly solutions that comply with all relevant standards and use the latest automation and control systems. 

We are one of the ruling company in Australia for the design and construction of paint finishing facilities for both re-finishers and manufacturers. All our painting facilities offer superior performance, versatility, increased throughput, and lower running costs. We have more than 15 years of experience in the manufacturing range of industrial equipment and plants Paint Finishing Facilities, Industrial Plants, and Fluid Systems.

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