How To Prepare For Class 10 English Exam?

Class 10 students are on the verge of their CBSE Board exams. They need to prepare well in order to score good marks in their exams. One of the most essential study materials that CBSE students need while studying for Class 10 English is CBSE Notes. These CBSE Notes comprise brief summaries of both prose and poems in a concise format. 10th standard students can refer to the CBSE Notes as a reference while revising for their exams. Class 10 English syllabus comprises two books – (i) First Flight and (ii) Footprints Without Feet. The first book is the main textbook of Class 10 English, while the second one is the Supplementary Reader. 

As per the CBSE Class 10 English syllabus, the first unit of the main textbook, First Flight consists of prose and two poems. Students can easily access A Letter to God summary, Dust of Snow summary, and Fire and Ice summary on BYJU’S website. All the chapters of the Class 10 English are explained in lucid language to help students get an in-depth understanding of the subject.

Tips to Prepare for the Class 10 English Exam

Here we bring you a few tips that will help Class 10 students to prepare for the English subject effectively:

1. Prepare a study plan: 

It is imperative to have a study plan in place before students begin their preparation in order to excel in their Class 10 Board exams. Having a study plan helps them to plan their schedule and segregate their time between simple and complex concepts. They should study the complex concepts initially that need more attention. They should note down important points and try to revise from those just before the exams. They can also refer to them for future reference.

2. Segregate their time wisely: 

Students should try to devote sufficient time to all the subjects of Class 10 as per the difficulty level. This helps in maintaining a balance among all of them. English is an interesting subject and studying the subject for an hour or two daily will help them to have a solid understanding of the subject. However, over-studying of any particular subject while ignoring other subjects will make them lag behind in others. For instance, it is essential that they should strategize their time effectively on the English subject so that it becomes easier for them to track the progress. Besides, they should also assign some time to relax so that they don’t get bored during their preparation.

3. Use of educational references: 

Apart from the NCERT textbooks, Class 10 students can also refer to the CBSE Notes of Class 10 English to get a detailed understanding of the chapters. For example, if they want to refer to the CBSE Notes of Unit 1 of Class 10 English First Flight, they can check the BYJU’S website. Unit 1 consists of A Letter to God summary, Dust of Snow summary and Fire and Ice summary which students can refer to while they are studying this unit. Besides, they can also check educational apps like BYJU’S: The Learning App for a personalised learning experience and access several educational videos to explore complex concepts.

So, students should stay focused and not over-stress themselves while studying Class 10 English or other subjects. Meanwhile, they can also visit BYJU’s website for complete guidance. They can learn from our subject-matter experts through our audio-video lectures for better understanding of concepts.

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