How to Convert Conventional Kitchen into Modular Kitchen

The efficiency and elegance of a modular kitchen are unmatched. While modular kitchens have been around for a while now, there still are a lot of people that have conventional kitchens around. If you are one of those people and need help switching from conventional to modular kitchen, we are here for you.

Modula kitchen when put simply is a kitchen design that has a variety of cabinets for various functions that are available in modules. These modules can be selected according to your need. 

If you are a sucker for perfection, modular kitchens won’t disappoint. Modular kitchens cabinets have neat edges with accurate measurements.

Modules and cabinets are pre-fabricated in a factory hence; their installation won’t take up much of your time. Most modular kitchen is furnished in under a week. Companies provide 

quick and prompt service. 

Here are some tips on how you can convert your conventional kitchen into a modular kitchen-

Plan the Layout:

While switching to a new type of kitchen it is very important to consider the space available and how the new layout would work. Consider the work triangle that this layout would result in. There is an option of including island counter, if space permits. Some of the popular modular kitchen layouts are- G-shape, U-shape, I-shape, straight and parallel layout. Having a layout in mind will ease the entire process of designing and detailing the new kitchen.

Tall Units:

These are vertical units that run from top of the cabinets to the floor. This type of unit is mostly used in the awkward spaces that are formed between fridges and walls. These provide additional storage to the kitchen.


One of the biggest advantages of switching to a modular kitchen is the accessories that can be used to make your life easier. Accessories are mostly used with the aim of increasing the storage space. Accessories like corner units, lift-up cabinet doors help provide units in places that are not accessible and help increase the efficiency and storage capacity of the kitchen.


A pantry can be introduced to the kitchen to store dry ingredients and spices of the kitchen. This is a quickly accessible cabinet or unit where essentials can be stored. These can be single or double doors depending on the space that is available.

Corner Shelves:

Most conventional kitchens have corner spaces that are not accessible. This leads to a lot of unused space with the potential to store things. In the case of a modular kitchen, corner units can be installed to make these dark ignored corners accessible and usable for storage. Trays are available in various shapes like – circular, rectangular, half-moon depending upon one’s need.

Over-head Shelves:

When opting for a modular kitchen, you could opt for over-head shelves that are placed at a distance over the cooktop. These are a major means to ramp up your storage space.

Modular Shelves:

Modular shelves can be used to quickly get hold of essential items in the kitchen. Shelves could be added over the kitchen top to store things like small containers. These could also be used between overhead shelves and kitchen tops to place things like spoons and ladles.

Fit a Steady Sink – With a Drain Board:

Replace our old granite sink with a stainless steel sink for better performance. These come in sizes that fit your modular kitchen. The drainboard that comes with the sink helps with stopping water from overflowing onto the cooktop. 


Modular appliances fit well with modular kitchens as these are designed to have similar finishes and could be built-in. Modular appliances are user friendly, cleanliness friendly and reduce work load while giving your kitchen a contemporary look without looking out of place. Appliances like dishwashers and built-in ovens are designed to fit into your modular kitchen without disturbing its look or working. 

Lastly, some of the other things that you should consider are the color and finishes of the surfaces according to your choice and budget. You can also try online kitchen planning tool to visualize your dream kitchen. 

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