How to make the most from your booth at an event

Events are always fun, high on energy, and a great place to interact with new people. It is a place where people with different backgrounds meet to interact and build healthy business relationships. Events have this non-stop vibrance that no one can miss.

The reason behind conducting events is to gather different genres of people and create better opportunities. The leads generated here have a better potential of becoming loyal clients. However, by placing a booth in the event, you will know how your allies and competitors are doing. Thus, giving you a broader perspective of the business as a whole!

If you want to make the most of the event, follow the tips below.

Clear Objectives

The intent of you placing a booth – in the event – should be clear and precise. Just being present isn’t enough. You also need to quantify your expectations with results.

How many people have approached you? How many of them have shared their contact information? How many genuinely showed interest in your business? Getting these numbers will help you know your standing and opportunities for growth.

Get in Touch

Though the event lasts only for a couple of days, the relationship created from it lasts longer – when well maintained. You might exchange contact numbers from the potential clients but might not be able to reach them out. In such cases, contacting them through email is the best way to communicate.

Find their email addresses through email search engines like or comes with a chrome extension to Linkedin & Gmail account wherein you can search and validate an address easily. It can search emails belonging to any company around the world!

Give and take

Nobody gives any information for free. There always is a give and take system where you offer something in return for something. Build a friendly rapport with the visitors by offering them your brochure and simple goodies. 

These are simple tricks that act as an icebreaker when initiating a conversation with a potential customer. Or even better, conduct a lucky draw at the end of the event. Ask the visitors to write their basic details – such as name, designation, contact information – on a piece of paper and drop them in the lucky draw box. Present a gift to the winner so that people are attracted to participate.

The technical factors

To make your event successful at the booth, you need to be creative, innovative – all while refraining from exceeding your budget. It is quite common for any company to overspend on events in order to attract customers. Now, this might grab some attention but it’s of no use if the attention is eventually not converted to potential clients.

So, be conscious of the budget and keep an eye on your competitors to see how they attract the audience. Ideally, it is good to prepare a few interesting activities ahead of the event. And, also plan backups for any unforeseen circumstances. The whole idea of being a part of the event is to reach your goals of making connections while having a good time!

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