How to Digitally Update Your Brand

As eCommerce is taking off, businesses must update their brands to fit within digital guidelines. It can be easy to take your business online; however, making sure you hold a solid and consistent brand in all aspects of the company can be hard work. Having an excellent coherent digital identity and brand will help build and sustain trust between customers and audiences. Brand identity can come into many spaces of your digital business, from the design on platforms to call center experiences, so it is necessary to give attention to all areas.


Your logo is one of the essential parts of your brand’s identity. It is the cohesive image that brings your brand together. People recognize when they think of you, and it is how you mark your presence in the eCommerce world.  

When you take your business digital, you need to invest time and money to ensure that your logo fits and looks good on all platforms and spaces it sits in. For example, if you have a mobile platform, ensure that your logo will be represented correctly on several devices. Those logos that do not adjust digitally to the space they are in can take up too much space on different devices, causing your platform you glitch and not function optimally. 

Colour Palette 

When choosing your brand’s color palette online, you must carefully consider both stylish and accessible options. Often brands think of their color palette with printing in mind, which does not translate in the same way to a digital platform. Often the colors come out far more vivid than you expected and challenging for certain viewers to read and access. There are various tools online that can help you create an accessible digital color palette. 

Accessible Support 

Customer service is a considerable aspect of the business you need to keep within your brand’s identity and ethos. You need to have a clear understanding of how you want to present your bran’s care ethic online and how you would like that to be represented. Often companies outsource their customer care to third parties who have the brand and businesses’ best interest at heart, which means they can provide tailored technical customer service with genuine brand experiences. Customer care outsourcing is an impactful way to update your digital brand while working with professionals to keep your digital identity accessible and running smoothly.  

Online Messaging

Your messaging is a key part of your brand’s identity online. Messaging posted to support the brand or product is essential for consumers to understand what is on offer. The brand message needs to be catchy, careful but straightforward to give customers enough information to know what they are buying. You must deliver the same tone of voice, your message needs to be consistent, and your copy has to be coherent with the brand’s message. 

When you transform your brand digitally, you need to keep all aspects of the business in mind. This takes careful strategy and planning. 

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