Fitness Rewards Come after Enduring Pain

Everyone wants the reward but very few people are willing to take on the inherent struggles to get there. People who really want to be in great shape appreciate the pain and physical stress of exercise. Workouts are hard and painful most of the time, and you feel like you should give up during tough activities but that is the time when you need to keep going. Remember the discomfort will not last forever but the reward will. The muscles will adjust to soreness with time. If you’re unaccustomed to doing a particular exercise or activity, you can bank on being sore the next few days. But if you keep up the activity, you’ll soon stop feeling pain. Martial arts is the toughest but quickest way for getting fit. So, you can buy yourself a wrestling singlet or kids wrestling singlet if you are a kid and start getting your body in shape.

 Some motivators to get through a tough workout:

Find a workout buddy:

In order to stick to a fitness program, we need buy-in encouragement from other people because we work harder in groups. And if you find a workout partner that is in slightly better shape than you, you’ll have more motivation to push harder. It’s easy to hit the snooze button when it’s just you, but much harder to leave a friend waiting at the track.

Change your mindset:

Shift your mindset from couch potato mentality to thinking like a fitness pro. This night looks challenging to you, but it’s not as big a leap as you think. Pushing your body to its limits can be difficult, but it is rewarding for sure. Keep telling yourself that you can do one more set. 

Set up a goal and think about the rewards of that:

Set a realistic goal that includes clear milestones, and as you progress toward your goal, you’ll find a ripple effect that occurs in your efforts. Register early and commit to an exercise program that will help you advance towards your goal. Whether your goal is fitting into a dress, a big event, looking ripped, impressing a special someone, or feeling good about yourself, think about how what you’re doing helps you achieve that goal faster.

regular workout

Schedule a regular workout:

The key to getting fit is CONSISTENCY. It’s important to allow your body to recover, but it’s also important to continue your workout every day or do some light to moderate activity the day after a tough workout.

Think fun and variety:

We can often find our well-intentioned plans unraveling after some time. But it doesn’t have to be. There are lots of ways to make exercise fun, whether you have a few minutes or an hour to spare. Do those physical activities you truly enjoy, that could be swimming, playing tennis or doing martial arts. Changing your exercise or slightly modifying your workout every three or four weeks is a good rule of thumb, but it’s just that, a general rule of thumb. Because by nature, humans need change and variety to stay motivated.

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