An Introduction to CSPO Exam

Do you want to climb up the ladder in the corporate world?  Then you must push yourself towards gathering more knowledge about software building. Certified Scrum product owner certification can help in giving the product owner a new outlook of his in-depth understanding of customer requirements and bringing real value to the product CSPO training, develop your skills and turn you into a professional product owner. But first, you need to get yourself familiarize with the whole CSPO certification process as well as the exam because then only, the hesitation will be extricated. 

The more its convenience became a boom, the more stake it started to hold resulting in a spike in its demand. It is a flexible course designed to upgrade the skill set of product owners. Scrum is actually a frame of reference used by the leading software developers as it comes in handy to make better products. It has become more acceptable because the waterfall methodology has now become a back number. So, are you ready to pursue the business side of software building? Candidates are supposed to follow a certain procedure after which they can immediately receive the certification.

2-Day Training Program 

Software developers or product owners, whoever is interested to upgrade their skills can join the training, which will be a two-day program. They will get to know about the framework of scrum using different techniques which will make it easy and clear for the candidates to fathom it, like role-play, educational games, 1-on-1 communication methods, and interactive classroom sessions. The whole course will be taught by the skilled Certified Scrum Trainers who are the most competent in their field. 

At the end of this two-day training, the candidates will be allowed to get the certification. The course cost includes Star Alliance’s membership for two years, along with 16 PDUs as well as SEU credits.

Exam and Renewal Fees

The fees vary on country-basis. For example; in India, the training will cost between 20k to 30k (INR); in the USA, the cost will be between 1000-2000 (USD), and in this way, the training cost will differ in Australia, UK, and even Canada. One more important thing, you shouldn’t forget about renewing. You are required to renew your certification for $100 (every 2 years) along with SEUs. You don’t have to worry about the exam as there won’t be any retake.

Now if you have finally decided to take a step & are looking for product owner certification Pune, Star Agile offers you best-crafted training. The certification courses that will hand-in the best productive benefits. The course cost includes membership for two years and you will get the required credits. Even the course offers training at different locations, you just need to renew the certification. As the industry is flinging new opportunities, a steep rise in the demand for product owners can be clearly seen. You can take the first-hand advantage and show your caliber with excellent training. Its time to take a step, the step you won’t be regretting.

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