Ways you can Improve your Relationship with Roommates in your PG in Chennai

Chennai, the capital of the State of Tamil Nadu is located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal.  It is one of the largest cultural, economic and educational centers of South India. Chennai is quickly turning into the new hotbed for deep-tech startups. It is also considered a more livable city which is not costly like Mumbai and doesn’t have the aggressive culture generally attributed to the north. The city is relatively safer, has shorter commutes, better traffic conditions, lower cost of living, and lower air pollution.
All this put together has resulted in a high influx of both students and young professionals migrating to the city. With this comes the demand for good and reasonable housing which fits your budget and your preferred location.  There are several options, either you can rent a PG in Chennai or a house directly from the owners or through a broker or search online for your preferred property from the comfort of your home through property portals.

However, in the present scenario with busy schedules and the hassles involved in looking for good rental accommodation the concept of co-living is fast catching on amongst the millennial. Companies like Stanza Living are fully serviced and professionally managed, offering flexible affordable options suitable for urban living. They offer all the comforts of living at home without the headache of looking after the nitty-gritty. They deliver world-class living experience through their high quality, technology-enabled, and service-led housing ecosystem.

Co-living is a more evolved form of traditional paying guest (PG) accommodation. It is a modern form of housing where you share living space and a set of interests, values, and intentions. One of the biggest advantages of co-living is that you can enjoy a hassle-free life and at the same time you won’t be lonely even though you have come into a new city since you will be living with other people in one space.   It is a new kind of modern housing where residents with the same interests, intentions, and values share a living space where you are almost like a part of a big family.

Whether it is a co-living PG or a hostel in Chennai you may have to share your room with your roommate which can be a great experience if both of you are like-minded and share similar interests. Having said that, sharing a room with someone you don’t know can also be a great learning experience. You might be unfortunate enough to get stuck with a slacker who never cleans their side of the room, or you may have to put up with a bossy person. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to get along with your new roommate.

Begin by setting some ground rules for living together. You will need to discuss and see eye to eye on the most important everyday activities like cleaning, air conditioning, noise levels, and so on. The more things you can agree on, the sooner roommate bliss will set in.   Communication is very important and it’s hard to have waves, turbulence, and discord if everyone is on the same page. Address issues as they arise, don’t let them fester and grow to a point where it becomes difficult to tackle.

However, to have a stress-free and comfortable environment you will have to define, understand, and respect each other’s personal space. One of the most important things that needs to be agreed upon is cleanliness as this can be a source of conflict. In this context, cleanliness means kitchen etiquette, bathroom, cleaning supplies, etc. It’s important to lucidly communicate these expectations because if you can’t come to an open understanding about cleaning then there will always be inherent friction between you.

Never borrow anything without asking, whenever you’ve someone coming over or are bringing friends warn your roommate and be considerate of your roommate’s schedule. If you have made a mess, clean it up. Don’t expect your roommate to clean it up after a party unless both of you have co-hosted it.  Last but not least establish your boundaries and respect theirs.

But, if you are looking for a comfortable stay with no strings attached our recommendation would be to look at managed accommodation providers who are offering a wide range of facilities vis a vis traditional renting where you will have the headache of dealing with peevish landlords and handling other mundane activities. Stanza living is one such operator in Chennai and you can log onto stanzaliving.com for more information about the facilities offered along with the location of the properties and their pricing.

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