How To Choose The Best DDoS Protected Web Hosting For Your Website?

Have you ever fended off a DDoS attack? No? Never even heard of it? DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service Attack is when you see the whole computer crashing if a hacker decides to send numerable invalid traffic requests to the webserver. You can prevent your site with the help of DDoS Protected web hosting.

What is a DDoS attack? How can you understand it simply?

To keep it simple, a distributed denial-of-service is an attack that happens when a whole network of computers crash or when a website crashes due to flooding of invalid requests to the webserver. When the webserver is overloaded with invalid requests, the webserver cannot process all the requests that ultimately lead to the ultimate crash. 

If you want to understand it better, think of it as a game where a huge army comes, attacks you, and blocks your access. It is a malicious attack where hackers target legit websites and businesses to try and steal their personal and sensitive information. Also, they have e-bandits who look to attack vulnerable websites and gain money or steal information from them. 

Hence, having protection is important. Also, it is essential that you clear out any bogus traffic and have legitimate traffic coming to your website. 

What is the best possible solution for DDoS mitigation?

Before you understand how they work, the computers generally send a botnet to carry out the complete DDoS attack. They have a malicious Trojan horse virus in them and when they send it to the websites that are not secured and not protected from the DDoS attacks, they destroy them. If a botnet carries out the attack, it can disrupt the complete network of thousands of computers. 

Apart from that, this works out only for those websites and computers that have personal sensitive information, not enough security, etc. So first, there is an infection, and then the mass infection of the computer starts. After that, the botnet controller starts disruption and the hacker’s instructions are followed. As much fierce and deadly can it be, as they can shut down the entire web server anytime. 

These DDoS can be done for fun or for serious criminal intent. Hence, to save yourself from any of these attacks, it is better that you have DDoS mitigation and protection software in place. 

Also to prevent any kind of DDoS attack in the future, you need to configure the complete firewalls and routers well so that the system can automatically reject any kind of traffic. You have to remember that the routers and the firewalls have to be updated with recent technology to cope with the attacks. 

You can also try some front-end hardware systems that can screen the data and can also analyze the server. It classifies the traffic in different segments like which one is the regular, the malicious, and which one is the priority one. After segmenting, it is also essential for blocking the attacks. 

How to choose the best DDoS Protection Web Hosting Plan?

There are different ways to mitigate this attack and for this, the attack has to be located and mitigated. Then the invalid traffic has to be separated out and decide which one of them is legitimate and then the required measures have to be taken to deny all the traffic that is not legitimate.

What is the best plan to choose?

Need to secure the firewall that blocks all the traffic that is based on the simple rules. Then, you have to filter all the invalid traffic. This blocks all the unnecessary traffic that can have malicious intent. Next, you have intrusion prevention where you will block any kind of traffic that has malicious content. 

After this, you have to get a Denial of Service Protection System where they have protocol and rate-based attacks traffic blocking system. You have other advanced techniques like Intrusion Prevention System and the Defense system that are designed especially for crime intent attacks. 

Therefore, the best thing you can do now is to choose a ddos protected web hosting service that provides defense against the DDoS attacks. 

What are you going to ask before you rope them in?

You need to ask about their future plans, their security updates, the firewalls they are going to use to protect the system, any third parties in use. Need to choose a web hosting company that has excellent DDoS attack prevention software in place. 

You would also require a web hosting service that can provide. You can try Genius Guard when it comes to secure web hosting. They offer top-notch security and they provide complete security for the enterprises too. 


Another thing to do is to never pay a ransom if you face any DDoS attack. This is because if you pay now, then they might relieve your systems for a while but then they will be back with bigger attacks. Hence, the best thing to do is to battle an attack with the hosting providers who can help defend you in the attack. Here is all the information you need before you contact a cheap ddos protected vps provider who helps you fend off the DDoS attacks.

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