Why Consider Laravel for Enterprise Web App

Laravel is created by Taylor Otwell to ease the work of complex web application development projects. This is an open-source framework and is based on one of the PHP popular frameworks Symphony. Hence, you can surely have top-quality features that are absent in other frameworks.

Laravel is the most popular and high-performing PHP framework that has received the highest reviews and ratings on Github. Now, let’s check out a few reasons behind its popularity and why you should hire a dedicated Laravel developer for developing the enterprise business application.

Why consider Laravel for Enterprise Web App?

1. It’s an Open-Source PHP framework:

As Laravel is available for free and is an open-source framework, it is good for enterprises to develop a web app. An open-source framework allows customization according to the project requirement and also doesn’t require any fees for the license. Laravel can satisfy the various needs of enterprise applications where it can be your best bet. 

Besides, its ever-growing open source community is very helpful for any kind of difficult functionality in application development and you always receive what you wished to. 

2. High performance of web apps:

Another great and beneficial reason to opt for Laravel development services is that it uses several tools with which developers can improve the web application performance. When a web application is developed with Laravel framework, it will perform far better than other web apps. This is the best part for enterprises.

Previously, the performance of a website used to get impacted due to some functionalities and features. However, different essential tools brought by Laravel are helping the PHP developers to improve their website application’s performance. The tools like Redis and Memcached make everything simpler for the developers to improve the performance of the web apps. 

3. Precise and high security:

Laravel prevents the web application from any kind of malware activities while also providing precise security against various online threats. It makes the website data and code base remarkably safe and secure from any hacking activity. 

Laravel keeps your framework safe against risks like cross-site forgery requests and SQL injection. It allows the smooth functioning of website applications without any security threat. Hence, choosing the best Laravel development company for your web application development is highly needed to stay away from cyber-attacks.

4. Time-to-market is faster: 

In today’s highly competitive world, there is a huge trend of fast app development. Consumers who depend on web applications for every work are in quick need of updates or changes in their app and hence all the enterprises try to reach the market as fast as possible.

That’s where Laravel is very helpful as in-built features and excellent concepts of this framework improve the developers’ productivity while providing the much required time advantage to the enterprises.

5. Smooth data migration:

Most developers feel that database migration is a complicated job to perform. For an experienced developer also there are many challenges in the task of database migration. To overcome such a situation, outsourcing the Laravel development agency is quite vital. Make sure that they have all the resources to expand the database structure without re-creating it. This will prevent you from the risk of losing any imperative data.

6. Provision of unit testing:

Once the coding part is done, proper testing is a must for completing any web application development process before its final release. With the testing, you can also figure out web application performance, speed, and security.

There are various development tools available in the framework and very few have the facility of testing. The best thing about Laravel is that it has the provision of unit testing. It can perform multiple unit tests along with many other functions which make you to not test the web application separately.

7. Route caching to increase the speed:

Building enterprise business applications faster is the biggest challenge for many developers. And Laravel framework can be a very helpful solution to tackle this challenge as it contains the high-quality route-cache feature. This feature boosts the loading speed of the web application. 

However, this feature has one drawback, after activating, you won’t see the changes performed within the application in the live environment. Rather, only during the deployment, the changes will be visible.

To Summarize;

In today’s remarkably transforming world, Enterprise web apps have become a big trend that is ruling the IT market. Hence, select the renowned Laravel development company focusing on this area. Enterprise web app works in a particular environment as it is designed by keeping in mind a specific business. 

Laravel is also the best to choose for customization in web apps when the development task often becomes a bit complicated. For those situations, Laravel acts as a secure and easy to implement framework.

So, now you know the major reasons behind Laravel’s popularity and why you should consider this framework for Enterprise Web App. You can approach a well-known development company with your requirements to get the best development services. Capital Numbers is one of such firms having a team of dedicated Laravel developers that can build secure and smooth web apps.

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