iFun Screen Recorder is a free recorder for everyone:

Are you a computer user and want to record your computer screen? Well, it’s quite simple with phones, but you require software that provides you value regard to this purpose. 

Internet is blowing up with various app features regard to screen recorder. Why choose the recorder that can align with your demands like a charm? iFun screen recorder makes your screen recording fun. The app offers you 2 Updates from the past 6 months. 

Why do I claim it’s for everyone? The friendly to operate features make it hand on for everyone. Besides, the application can easily run over windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Here I mention the enchanting features of this magnificent Screen recorder.

iFun Screen Recorder prominent features:

The app is free to use, not like give you a wrong hope through free trials. Besides, it gives you a free in-build and light video editor. You can use an editor to correct the bugs of your video and give the recording next level finishing. 

It gives you complete leverage to record your webcam. You can create a video and record your audio at the same time. These features are best to record tutorials. 

You can remove the watermark and record your screen for professional usage. It gives you no limit to recording. Besides, you can take screenshots while recording. The click animation allows you to explore mouse-clicking features. 

Besides, it is the best privilege to start your game streaming business. The iFun online screen recorder gives you the complete option to record as much as you want without any issue with the watermark.

One of the enchanting features of the iFun screen recorder is it allows you to download your recording in multiple formats for free. There is a variety of formats that give you a complete chance to make the desired video. 

The recorder can adopt the GPU hardware technology that makes it more efficient and worthy in video recording. The software promises you to secure your recordings. Besides, you can share your recording direct on any social media sites like youtube. It can be your business choice for screen recording purpose. 

So, how to record screen on Windows 10? It is a simple to operate application to record screen. All you require is to download the iFun screen recorder from the original site and start your fun recording now. 

The size of the iFun screen recorder is smaller than typical screen recorders. It gives you leverage with a flexible recording feature. You can run this recording software on a low processing power computer. 

The setting system is user friendly and simple to use. Select your recording video and audio formats with the creation of a new folder and put the software into play. 

No doubt, the app gives you the privilege to use unlimited in the free version. There is still a pro version of the iFun screen recorder that turns your screen recording experience into the next level. 

Does this software license? Yes, Freeware gives the software a legal license that is best for PC usage. 

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