How to Use a Word Unscrambler?

Get yourself an instant list of word combinations when you are playing word games or looking for an exciting new way to study and improve your English vocabulary. 

Word Unscrambler is an online, web-based word tool that can supply you with terms containing up to 15 characters long to when searching for a word with particular letters in it. Now that you know what a word unscrambler is, here is how to use a word unscrambler to your benefit.  

Word Games for Word Unscrambler 

Which words games are great contenders for using your word unscrambler to achieve higher scores? Scrabble and Hangman are two of the more popular choices. But there are many more forms of fun to engage in while improving your word power such as:

  • Wordfeud 
  • Typo 
  • Take A Letter 
  • Dabble 
  • Ruzzel 
  • Words With Friends 
  • Word A Round 
  • Last Letter 
  • Word On The Street
  • Pass The Pen   

Using a Word Unscrambler 

Search for words with up to 15 letters in them by going to the word unscrambler website, typing in the letters that the words that you are looking for need to consist of, and getting the quick response that might take your bran hours to conjure up. 

You can also take advantage of the ability to use up to find wildcards or blank spaces by entering a question mark (?) or using a blank space in the search field. Similar to dictionaries and thesauruses, Word Unscramblers are tools to take advantage of. 

Don’t get caught up in feeling like a cheater because of the added help from using a Word Unscrambler while playing word-related games like Scrabble. Offer full disclosure to whoever you are playing with that you are using a Word Unscrambler, and if need be, show them how to use it too.

How the Advanced Filters Operate 

When you feel familiar with how to search for word combination lists with Word Unscrambler, step up your game by using the advanced filters that are available on the website. The Word Counter created the Word Unscrambler’s advanced filters to help you apply very particular criteria to your word searches. 

If you are in a situation where you need to identify a word with five letters that begins with J, Word Unscrambler has an advanced filter labeled as “Starts With” that allows you to enter in the letter J and get a list of five-letter words that start with J delivered to you. 

What types of Word Unscrambler advanced filter can you expect? 

  • Starts With: Locate words that start with the letter of your choice. 
  • Ends With: Locate words that end with the letter of your choice.
  • Contains: Locate words that are made with specific letters inside them. 
  • Pattern: Locate words that have letters situated in specific spots. 
  • Dictionary: Locate words that have been directly identified already by particular games. The names of the games are abbreviated in the advanced filter section    

Advice for Unscrambling Words

In the same manner that the Word Unscrambler provides a useful short-cut for word searches, there is also valuable advice that you can apply as well. Make use of these helpful hints when you are using the Word Unscrambler to unscramble words during a word game.   

  • Every word needs at least one vowel.  
  • Writing your word ideas on paper helps you check to see if you are spelling them correctly and makes it easier to brainstorm. 
  • Make short words longer by adding prefixes like “re-,” “post-,” “un-,” “semi-,” and “mis-.” 
  • Try starting with three letters to make the process of forming words less overwhelming.    

Now that you know how to use a Word Unscrambler, what are you waiting for? Go try it out.   

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