How to Identify and Manage Reckless Driving

Reckless driving claims many lives each day. It is important to break these habits for our own safety and the safety of others on the road. At times, we often drive recklessly in a hurry or just plain carelessness. Here is a list of factors that could potentially cause road accidents and make you wonder, ‘should I sell my car in Dubai now?’, an online marketplace to sell your car in Dubai, has prepared this guide to help you avoid such behavior, habits, and situations.

Driving under the influence of drugs:

Alcohol and drugs hinder one’s ability to drive. It tones down your senses and makes it impossible for you to concentrate on the road. Drunk driving is one of the major causes of road accidents; this behavior is particularly common among young people. It is advised to get a taxi when you are even slightly drunk. You should always pay attention to the state of your mind and body before deciding to drive. Alcohol consumption often causes drowsiness; this drowsiness can hamper your ability to drive normally. 


A number of people often drive at a high speed because they are in a hurry. This hurry has the potential to cost you your life. Driving at a high speed often gives the driver very little time to maneuver their car in case of sudden brakes. High speed causes the driver to lose control of the car and eventually result in accidents. You should strictly adhere to the speed limit. 


One of the biggest distractions people face while driving is their cell phones. It is advised not to text or attend to calls while you are driving since this causes your attention to become fixated on your phone rather than the road. Other distractions also include talking to other passengers in the car or listening to loud music. Experts also suggest that you should be mindful of your mental state before getting behind a wheel. If you are not mentally well, it is likely that your mental state will cloud your judgment on the road. 

Harsh weather conditions:

Experts suggest that you should never underestimate nature while you are on the road. Check the weather forecast before deciding to embark on long journeys. Heavy rain, storms, and snow can hamper your ability to drive normally. Snow and rain are two of the leading causes of car accidents since they cause your tires to slip which results in losing grip of the car. 

Driving closely to a heavy weight vehicle:

You should always keep a safe distance from trucks and heavyweight vehicles. Trucks etc. often tend to stop abruptly or suddenly reduce their speed which can result in accidents. 

Not taking precautions:

Wearing a seat belt is a necessity. You should never skip wearing a seat belt because it can protect you from a number of potential dangers. Likewise, small children should always be seated in a car seat and never the front seats of the car. 

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