How to Bet on Soccer

Everyone seeks to play the most prominent sport in the world. Soccer is the most played around the globe, offering players more chances to place winning bets. This is why soccer attracts large audiences compared to other sports. Football betting is famous among bettors since it is simple to play. Even with little knowledge of football, you can still place winning bets. This article has helpful information about soccer betting for both skilled and non-skilled bettors;

Prominent Football leagues to bet on

Since soccer is a global sport, you will have several games to place bets on. Some top leagues to bet on include;

·         English Premier League

·         La Liga 

·         Bundesliga 

·         Serie A 

·         Ligue 1 in France among many others

 What every soccer betting beginner must know

 You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in soccer to engage in soccer betting. However, a little soccer knowledge will help you to make the right predictions. Being well-informed helps you to settle for winning bets. Below are essential betting tips for beginners;

The good thing about football betting is that it is easy even for beginners. Nevertheless, there are essential things to put in mind before you get started;

 You can’t afford to ignore this section even if you are an experienced player. But they are more beneficial for the new bettors;

 A wide variety of games

Football betting is fun, thanks to the wide variety of games available. Therefore, bettors can place winning bets at any time. Besides, soccer betting allows bettors to explore different bet types. Let’s look at types of football bets;

 Types of Football Bets

 There are varying types of bets. Basically, soccer wagers are decided after 90 minutes. However, the time may be prolonged since the referee may choose to add time due to stoppages and injuries. Different football bets include;

 Three-way Moneyline

 This type of bet categorizes the results into three. Team Y wins, team Z wins, or a draw. A player is supposed to select one of the options based on their judgment or select an option offering higher odds.

 Double chance

 With double chance, you place bets on 2 or 3 outcomes, as mentioned above. You will have options such as Team Y to win or draw, team Z wins or draw, or Team Y and team Z to win. Note that every selection pays differently depending on the initial three-way Moneyline odds.

 Draw No Bet

 This is a two-way Moneyline and does not allow bettors to bet on a draw. This will enable you to place your bet on just one of the teams. But in case the match ends in a draw, your bet is graded as void or push. There are other football bets such as Asian Handicap, the over and under goals market, among others.

 Essential factors to consider when choosing a soccer team to wager on

 To place winning soccer bets, there are essential factors to help you settle on the team with higher winning chances. They include;

 Search for the team’s news

 You should stay updated about the team. Visit their site to get the most recent news. Also, get to know whether their best players will be present during the match. If not, you should know that things might not turn as expected.

 Consider the recent team’s performance

 Their recent performance is a determining factor on whether they will win or lose the upcoming derby. In case they performed excellently, there are high chances that they will win again.

 Level of preparedness

 You should consider a team’s level of preparedness and their anticipation for the upcoming match. Overconfidence is not good for any team, and neither is fear.

 The weather

 During winters, snow and heavy rains interfere with a team’s playing scoring abilities. To avoid placing the wrong bets, consider the weather during the match.

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