How is CoinSwitch the Best Compared to the other Crypto Exchanges in India?

Cryptocurrency is seen as the future of monetary transactions. Now that it is traded in India, people can’t help but wonder about the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for virtual currency trading. You will find many user-centric crypto apps that are designed to streamline the currency transaction for users. However, the question is “which is the best option”? Coinmama, CoinSwitch, ZebPay, CoinDCX, and Unocoin are some of the reputable brands that have gotten quite popular in the Indian cryptocurrency exchange markets over the past few years. 

However, CoinSwitch seems to be the most reliable and secure platform when it comes to virtual currencies and crypto trading. The company has more than 400 cryptocurrencies and over 45000 trading pairs. Recently, they have launched the official Crypto trading app “CoinSwitch Kuber” to streamline the crypto transactions for Indian users. Whether you would like to convert DOGE to INR or Ethereum to INR, the app supports all the latest crypto trading pairs. WazirX and ZebPay can handle millions of transactions, but they only have a few cryptocurrencies. CoinSwitch has completed more than $5 billion cryptocurrency transactions since its launch. 

Why CoinSwitch Kuber?

It has become one of the safest and fastest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India in 2020. Not only is it used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but the app allows users to find the latest updates and trends around this industry. As soon as you have completed the account verification process, you can select the cryptocurrencies you would like to trade and find the best exchange rate. Should you face any issue while completing the transaction, you have the 24/7 customer support department that’s ready to offer assistance at any time.

It is a global company that has partnered with the world’s renowned and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the research, CoinSwitch Kuber offers the highest liquidity to Indian traders. Surprisingly, no cryptocurrency exchange can match that. The main purpose of launching the mobile app was to provide Indian users with a seamless trading platform. The brand has attracted the attention of millions of aspiring cryptocurrency traders in India in less than a year. The platform was launched in June 2020 after the government announced to remove the bans from virtual currency exchanges. 

The Growth of Cryptocurrency Market in India in 2020

Most of these exchanges were launched before the Reserve Bank of Indian imposed restrictions on the Crypto trading. As a result, these websites and apps were shut down. Recently, the Supreme Court announced to lift all sorts of restrictions the Central Bank had imposed on cryptocurrency exchanges in June 2020. Developers have started to improve the existing cryptocurrency exchange platforms, while other companies are planning to launch new websites for a better and seamless transaction experience. New crypto coins and exchange platforms have been emerging lately.  The main goal of the developers is to make cryptocurrency the future of money. Overall, CoinSwitch Kuber is the best option for cryptocurrency traders.

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