2020 Shopify SEO Checklist for Online Store Optimization

The Shopify store is a huge opportunity for sellers of all sizes. Just learn the rules of the game and you are on your way to becoming a top seller. SEO techniques can help your Shopify store tremendously. 

This article explains the latest SEO checklist to boost search engine rankings of a Shopify store. Continue reading if you own a Shopify store and you are ready to take on your search engine rivals. 

The Wondrous World of SEO 

Small, medium, and large business owners now use digital marketing techniques to improve visibility and grow sales leads. Getting attention on social media is easy and economical but raising one’s website’s rank seems like an uphill task. That is why SEO lectures anesthesia some marketers and business owners. First of all, SEO is not hard to grasp. Secondly, this post will help normalize your ties with SEO. 

2020 Shopify SEO Checklist 

The wait is over. Are you ready to know the top SEO techniques to optimize your online store? Let’s start our actual topic below: 

1. Setup Recommended Tools

To check your website’s performance in search engines and to obtain valuable insights, you need to set up some online tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These are the two most important (free) tools from Google and there are many other tools from other organizations. 

2. Google Search Console

There are plenty of benefits of Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmasters). You can get search matrix, know demographics of the audience, detect website issues, and can perform many more operations. 

3. Keyword Research

One of the basic things your SEO campaign needs is the search for the right keywords. To make this happen, you should run the keyword research. There are many ways to find out your keywords. 

4. Page Optimizations

Pages and posts of your website are everything for you. These two seem to be the same but there are differences to consider. The pages of your website are more authoritative when it comes to search engine rankings. A variety of optimization methods can be used to improve the user experience and search engine rankings. Page speed is a key ranking factor. We found that InterServer web hosting can be useful for a wide range of users, though choosing the right hosting plan is important for the best results.

5. Internal/External Links 

Linking to websites is important but what websites often ignore is internal linking. To see a perfect example of internal linking, you should check any Wikipedia page. In case your website is in short of content, you can link pages internally when there is a related page. 

6. On-Page/Off-Page Content

The content you create for your own pages/posts is more important than the content you create for other pages. If you post quality content on your website, it is going to benefit more than the posting of quality content on other websites. 

7. Reputation Building

There are a number of ways to build a reputation online. From reviews on Google to a dynamic/ responsive website, there is a lot to be done. In this ever-changing World Wide Web, you have to do a lot to keep up with the pace your competitors are moving. 

8. More Ranking Factors 

You have read the top 7 ranking factors above. There are many more points to ponder for online store optimization. For example, your website should be mobile-friendly and fast (it should load fast). Do not follow advice from anyone. Just adopt the proven ways that always pay off. 

9. Basic SEO Curriculum

You need to have a killer SEO strategy within your digital marketing strategy. Even if you are not doing any type of digital marketing, paying attention to SEO techniques will pay you off. 

The Bottom Line 

You have read Shopify SEO methods that are helping online stores in 2020. In the end, we can say that all Shopify stores should follow the 2020 Shopify SEO techniques for online store optimization.  

In case you need more details on e-commerce SEO, you can speak to an e-commerce SEO expert. Plus, if you have a successful Shopify store seller in your circles, ask that person for personalized advice. 

What do you think about this post? Did you like it? Do you have suggestions for improvement? I would love to know your opinion. Please share your feedback about this piece of writing. 

I wish you all the best with your Shopify SEO and business growth goals. 

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