Which is the Best Certification to Become a Better Project Manager

Of late every, the organisation has jobs that require project management skills. It has become very much necessary for all the employees to acquire this skill to do the jobs better. It helps to improve your project management skills. 

Project management may sometimes be part of a particular project or it is part of your routine job. To make the job easier, the Prince2 project management method is applied. It helps the management team to divide the project into manageable stages. 

It is completed stage by stage to complete the project efficiently. Prince2 emphasizes that a project can be managed effectively divided into stages. The main advantage of the Prince2 project management system tolerance level is also taken into account. 

Who can take the Prince2 practitioner exam?

Axelos conducts the Prince2 Practitioner exam is conduct to test your knowledge about project management skills in different situations and projects. If you add your real-life experience with what your knowledge you gain from the course, you are a perfect project manager. 

Other key staff like team managers, project board members, operational line managers, and project delivery managers. This will help the managers to acquire skills and apply them to unique situations to conduct the business effectively.

How to practice for the prince2 practitioner exam?

Prince2 practitioner exam provides enough sample practice papers for exams that will help the aspirants to get an idea of the syllabus for this exam. Also, it helps them to better equip themselves with the knowledge required to pass this exam with excellent results. 

Practice makes a man perfect. The experts prepare the question papers and the practice materials that help them to crack the exam effortlessly. The Prince2 practitioner exam practice tests have a series of question papers that help to practice and check knowledge before taking the final certification exam.

Advantages of prince2 practitioner exam: 

  1. Improve a person’s project management skills. When a person knows the different terminology and methodology, it is easy for him to be flexible to adjust according to the varying needs of different projects.
  2. This exam gives you an idea about the roles, responsibilities of different participants of the project. Unlike rigid rules in the guide manual, this helps people at different levels to manage the project effectively. 
  3. This exam is not costly that consumes most of the money in the pocket and time. 
  4. People across the globe are aware of this exam and they participate in this exam.

Qualifications for the prince2 practitioner exam: 

There are two levels of prince 2 practitioner exam – foundation and Practitioner. The foundation level helps the candidate to get familiarized with the project management principles, processes, etc. There is no pre-existing qualification required to attempt this exam.

The practitioner level is to check whether you can apply the knowledge acquired in the foundation stage to real-life situations.

Details of foundation level exam: 

  • The fee for the foundation exam is $388
  • Multiple choice questions and closed book exam.
  • There will be 60 questions and 1 hour will be allotted for this exam.

Details of the practitioner level exam:

  • The exam fee is $451
  • MCQ open test with 68 questions.
  • The total time allotted for this exam is 2.5 hours.

Training for prince 2 practitioner exam:

Axelos has accredited certain training organisations that presently provide training for this certification exam. The training usually lasts for 1.5 days and candidates have to take the test at the end of the training. The training fee is very nominal and a candidate can also do self-study and appear for the exam.

Syllabus for the exam

  • Definition of project.
  • 6 different aspects of project management.
  • How a normal project is different from the prince2 project?
  • Keeping the deviation from the project plan at the minimum.
  • How to identify an issue?
  • How to keep the problem in executing the project at the minimum?
  • Methods to measure the deviation from the plan.
  • How to take corrective measures to rectify the deviation?

Is there an expiry date for this certificate?

Yes. This certificate has a validity of 3 years after which you have to retake this exam. There is another wathe of maintaining CPD points or having a valid badge to retain the validity of this certificate. If you choose to maintain CPD points, you have to purchase them by paying £50 including VAT charges.

How to crack the prince2 practitioner exam?

  1. Attending a training institute will help the candidates to get the required professional development units mandatory for the exam. Self-preparation would not give you a bord’s eye view of the different aspects of the exam.
  2. Have a regular study time for this exam. Since the candidates will be working while preparing for this exam, stealing time out of a busy schedule would be really difficult. However, a disciplined student can only complete this exam as this exam requires continuous effort to complete it.
  3. Collect pebbles of wisdom about recent happenings in the Prince2 practitioner exam through online forums on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This will help you pass the exam with a little effort.
  4. Take mock tests as many as possible to analyse the wrong answer and get a grip on the subject.


Prince2 practitioner exam is a wonderful exam that helps the employees in different positions the organisation to complete a task stage by stage with lesser mistakes and more efficiently. It helps to manage the different stages of the project effectively. 

Whenever there is a deviation from the proposed plan, it helps to identify it. Taking correctives measures by applying the alternative plan B. There are many training centres to help the aspirants to help them to get certified. 

You can also appear for this exam through self-study. However, the training centers will give you enough practice and ideas about how to effectively complete this exam without much time. This exam helps an employee to become better managers.

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