Making Efficient Use of the Storage Space inside Your Car

Although your car may have come with some hidden compartments or cargo space, these can be far from adequate in providing the storage solutions you need.

Small Items

A bunch of small items can add up to a big mess, and be inconvenient when you need to find something quickly while you’re out and about. Car caddies and organizers can be a great way to keep all of the little things together, and in a coordinated manner. 

Hanging shoe organizers can be a good solution as well. By placing them behind the driver’s and passenger’s seat children in the back can have easy access to toys, or you can have instant retrieval of items like bug spray, first aid kits, maps, or charging cords. There are also many  custom made hanging caddies that go behind the driver’s seat and have added pockets for garbage, tissues, or toys.

Medium Items

A helpful tip for storing medium sized cloth items like jackets and blankets is to roll, not fold them. A net that is hung up toward the ceiling in the back between the two jacket hooks will keep items off the floor and easy to find. You can also get a custom holder for children’s books, DVDs, and electronics that will keep them entertained for hours, so no more having to pull over and search for a lost item. 

A muffin tray inside a laundry basket can be a clever solution when you need to hold multiple drinks or snack items on a journey, and plastic sacks stored in an old tissue box provide a convenient way to remove trash on the go. Car visor organizers can keep accessories handy for the driver, and storing coin and cords in old gum containers will keep the mess to a minimum. Try to make use of empty space inside the car that isn’t being utilized, like beside passenger seats, under chairs, and toward the ceiling. That way you will be maximizing your cabin room and keeping the storage efficient. 

Large Items

For larger items, the trunk, or rear section will be the best place to put them. A folding road bicycle is a great way to save on space, or you could mount a rack to the back for sports equipment hauling. A roof top container is another option to provide extra storage outside of the car. 

Whether you choose to buy a folding road bicycle, string up a net in the cabin, or mount a storage container to the roof, you can make the very best of the storage space your car has to offer. Finding collapsible and compact items like a folding road bicycle, cloth caddy, or car cooler and tote organizer will improve your vehicle’s spaciousness even more. 

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