Instagram is Now Transforming Home-Cooks into Thriving Entrepreneurs

We are all a crazy fan of Instagram, given the lively photos which are capable of turning any small event seems like something special. From the dramatic poolside café that you hit for your Tinder date, to the wedding of your best friend, Instagram uses the myriad exciting filters to turn an amateur click into a professional shot. The food photography has leveraged on this phenomenon and has taken to a different ballgame on Instagram. 

Oasis of Food Bloggers on Instagram

In the present era, there isn’t’ any shortage of food bloggers anymore. From the moment you open your feed, your eye is glued on at least one delicious post of mouth-watering Zucchini layered with warm melting cheese or some rainbow-colored delectable macarons that get you hungry. 

However, the food influencers that you are aware of are majorly bloggers who love showcasing their passion to the world and aid their Instagram followers with useful recipes and tips.

How the Home Are Cooks Benefitting from Instagram?

You are probably not aware of an underground food scene that’s quite popular in the U.S. And underground food scenes aren’t only limited to closed-cabin restaurants or street food trucks. It implies the huge amount of home chefs and cooks who are capitalizing on Instagram by posting their culinary and by selling it.

Home Chefs are Putting Food on Sale

The way how it works is pretty simple; however, it can produce profound results. Someone who is preparing food at home, can take to the social media platform and announce about it, and declare it for sale. 

The remaining conversation happens in Direct Message, on the price of the food and the location from where the cook wants you to pick it up. The idea is empowering enough and has the potentiality to bring about a new revolution in the nexus between technology and entrepreneurship.

The trend has started to trigger a new wave of underground chefs who began selling food on the social media app. The underground economy of South Los Angeles is flourishing as they are offering things to people, which is not easily available. 

The people selling food on Instagram might not have the affordability of 5-star luxuries, but they are doing their best to maximize from whatever they can. This movement started by the people is garnering a lot of Instagram likes from those who are enjoying their services.

The Age Groups of the Home Chefs Turned Entrepreneurs

The home cooks are mostly in their 20s and 30s and have been able to create a praise-worthy fan following, with orders flying in every minute of posting their regular offering on the app. They either allot pickup locations or deliver themselves. The pickup locations can range from parking spots to homes and even the corners of the streets. 

Though this trend is still new in India, it has the potential to work magic. The trend is one of the sought-after ones solely because people simply love ‘home-cooked’ food. This kind of movement can help the home cooks turn into potential entrepreneurs.

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