Important Things to Know Before Visiting the USA.

As per George Goyal from Houston, the USA is a home to countless treasures that attract travelers coming from all over the globe. The country houses a few of the most diverse and picturesque landscapes on the earth, many concrete jungles, vast collection of iconic attractions to explore. 

Although there is a lot to see, George Goyal Houston has a few things that everyone must be aware of before visiting the US. From payment expectations and tipping customs to road rules and entry requirements, here are the things you must remember and know before visiting United Stated of America. 

States and regions

The United Stated of America is split into 50 states and further divided in many different regions. These include Midwest, West, Northwest and South. 

Each region has different geographical characteristics. For instance, Northeast is known for the mountain ranges and rocky coastlines, whereas the Midwest is known for the lage forests, grassy plains and stretching lakes. 

There is a tipping culture

In America, tipping the waiter is a normal act and not leaving tip is treated as being rude. As the minimum wages here are low, it is common to leave a 15% to 20% tip to compensate the workers. If you have a dusty math or make mistakes in the calculation, it proves helpful to use your mobile phone calculator to calculate the amount. Hence remember, whether you are at bar, restaurant or taxi, it is important to leave a tip behind especially if you enjoyed the service. 

Be prepared to pay more that the displayed amount

When it comes to purchasing services and goods in the United States of America, the price is not what is displayed. It is because the prices that are displayed are excluding the sales tax and hence when they arrive at the counter to pay, you have to expect the cashier asking a slightly higher price. The tax percentage varies from state to state, it is safe to expect at least 10% tax rate over total cost. The same thing goes for most accommodations with ‘resort fees’ added to advertised prices. 

Stay careful while wandering into the cities

Many cities regardless of which one you visit typically include areas/ suburbs that must be avoided at all cost. In America the line between such areas can be quite thin. In fact, the difference between a dangerous and friendly place can sometimes only differ by one block. To stay safe, try to be aware of the surroundings at all times, assess the situation regularly and try to have some local wisdom on where to go and where not to wander. 

Never visit without travel/ health insurance

The travel insurance is a necessity for any trip overseas and it is more crucial while travelling to America. The health services at America are extremely expensive and to the extent that you keep wondering whether you truly need medical attention or can stick it out. Just to stay safe, it will be a wise idea to make an investment in the travel insurance and keep the printed version of it with you while travelling. 

Getting around the country

Many cities in the USA are often far from each other. This can seem intimidating if you are on a multi-destination trip. Luckily there are plenty of ways to move around the country. For instance, if you wish to save some money, taking a bus is a cost-effective option, although you can expect a lot of stops in between. Some long distance bus operators include Mega bus and Greyhound. You can even opt for Amtrak that is a national train operator. They run 300 plus trains a day and connections between 500 plus destinations in 46 states. 

Plenty of Islands worth exploring

Along with the US mainland, there are plenty of islands worth visiting- in particular the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian is a cluster of tropical islands that are comfortable to travel year round. There is a lot to see ranging from the natural playground of Big Island to bustling metropolis of Oahu. While you visit these places, you find a plenty of relaxation and adrenaline fueled experiences. 

Take a right turn on a red light

An American rule that must is kept in mind is ‘turn right on red’ rule. It is across 50 states that drivers are allowed to take the right turn if it is safe to do so and there is no sign prohibiting the right turn. Also it is important to remember that American’s drive on the right side hence take caution while driving and crossing the road. 


If you are ready to visit the USA, make sure to keep in mind the above-listed things by George Goyal Houston. Keep all these in mind and have a mind-blowing experience visiting America and its surrounding places. 

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