How to find the perfect lipstick for your next party

Heading out for a party? A touch-up of lipstick is a ritual!

But have you got the right shade?

Your lipstick shade has the power to make or break your entire look. Different lipstick shades can change the vibe of your look and add softness or boldness as needed. The perfect lipstick shade can turn an average outfit into a showstopper look. It is a little tube of magic to elevate your entire look.

That being said, finding the perfect lipstick can be quite a challenge especially if it is for a party or an important event. To help you through this, here are a few questions you should ask yourself the next time you are searching for the perfect lipstick for a big day!

Does it go well with your color?

A shade of lipstick that looks great on someone else may not look as great on you. This is where your skin shade and undertones come into play. If you cannot figure it out for yourself, try it out before purchasing it. This will give you the exact idea of how well the color goes with your skin. Over time, with trial and error, you will begin to understand what goes with your skin tone and be able to make such decisions easily for yourself.

What kind of party is it?

Just like different kinds of events require different clothing styles, they require a different shade of lipstick to go with it too. For example, your makeup for a Halloween party is going to be different from that of a friend’s Bridal Shower. If it’s a day party, it’s always great to go for lipstick shades in soft beige and rose nudes. If you are in a mood to go a little bold, you can always sport a bright red or a hot pink mouth. It is a good idea to stick to nudes for formal parties. If you’re heading to New Years’ Eve bash or a night at the club, add some glittery lip gloss to take your glam game a notch higher!

How well does it go with your outfit?

This is the most basic and important question to ask yourself when picking lipsticks for a particular look. Your lipstick must go well with your outfit to create a cohesive and put-together vibe in the entire look.

Does it reduce the appeal of your outfit?

Matching your lipstick to the color of your outfit may not be the best idea. For example, a bold red lip may not be the best choice for a red outfit. Always matching your lipstick can make them look dull and can pass as a makeup faux pas to some! Make sure to have fun and experiment with colors.

Do you vibe with it?

This is the question that changes the game and the only one that matters. Makeup is all about feeling good. The perfect lipstick is the one that makes you feel good and confident. It doesn’t matter if your choice of lipstick adheres to the beauty guidelines but doesn’t go with your vibe. As long as it adds to your confidence and the way you feel about yourself, you will be good to go. Go with your gut feeling and live the vibe!

Following these small little cues can help you make the right choice and investment in finding the perfect lipstick for your next party or an important look.

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