Gemstone Jewellery Styling Tips

If you are thinking of investing in gemstone Jewellery or own a few pieces then here is something you would love to read and consume into your daily style routines. In the human civilization, gemstones for long have been used as an adornment alongside silver or iron or mere threads.  As times changed, so have the gemstone adornments. 

Here are a few ways you can style your gemstone Jewellery

1. Using bold Statement gemstone Jewellery for a basic outfit

Pain sarees or Anarkali need not always be boring, you can now drape with a touch of colored gemstone Jewellery. Example Gemstone gold haram designs can be explored to rightly fit the occasion and outfit. Other abstract patterns can also be tried with plain attires to make them interesting.  

2. Using traditional stone Jewellery to create that Relic look

When we say traditional stone Jewellery it only means the RGB- Rubies/Emeralds and the Sapphires. Use them with rich Kajeevaram sarees or traditional pure silk outfits to create that carries a contemporary vibe. For example, you can pair heavy gemstone studded gold Jhumka earrings with a rich Kanjeevaram and let the Jewellery do all the talk.  With gemstone Jewellery, you will have the advantage of adorning a single item and still have a complete look.

3. Play a matching game from head to toe

Gemstone Jewellery is something that allows you to create a theme by syncing with your outfit, accessories, and footwear too. For example, you can choose a citrine stone with a mustard yellow outfit creating a sharp style tone.

4. Add a dose of pearls and corals to your Jewellery chest

Never discount the simplicity pearls and corals have to offer. Be it georgette sarees, cotton dresses, or simple plain chiffons- pearls & corals go great with practically every outfit and color. Pearls and corals throw an unseen charm- you can also get shades in pearls that you can play with subtly. 

5. Gemstone Hangings

Another versatile addition to your earrings should be color-filled gemstone earrings- the pink-toned tourmalines, glittery peridots, or multi-colored gemstones pop earrings. They can be used on formal outfits to occasional wear- enhancing the adorners style quotient by a notch higher. 

6. On all those formal outfits and for office presentations

Modest gemstones with mild tones such as the Opal, Aquamarines, yellow sapphire can be teamed with formal wears, office parties, or those next door functions. Delicate and pretty they go fantastic on toned-down attires.

7. Layering Gemstones

Petite Potas in Rubies and emeralds are another fad one should embrace, these petite beads in a layer or a thick strand along with an oversized pendant will usher a fresh look. They go great on Indi western, fusion, and Indian wear giving that balanced and toned look.

With such refreshing and outstanding styling options, gemstone Jewellery largely remains unexplored. You can play with colors- adorn a single one to make a theme or mix and match to pop your style, gemstone Jewellery will help get closer to that subtle high fashion style effortlessly.

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