A Primer on White-Label Web Hosting

White-labeling is in demand because it allows companies to make an additional profit while building their reputation. The most popular services include custom feather flags or website hosting, the focus of this article. 


Web hosting is a practice where a company provides server spaces that others can lease. These storage centers contain all texts and images comprising the renters’ sites. Through this service, people can reach Internet pages when they type the appropriate domains.

Meanwhile, white labeling refers to the process of removing a company’s brand from services, including web hosting. With this, the buyer can put their name and logo, customize the server space, and resell it to generate more income. Listed below are other advantages.


  • Recognition and Credibility – Unlike those that don’t own their domains, businesses that have their brands and logos on websites are better recognized and remembered. The pages also look more credible to customers, making them likely to proceed with their transactions.
  • No Space Requirements – High-quality servers are required when accommodating multiple sites, and they should be stored in a temperature-regulated room. Companies that are reselling hosting services don’t need to worry about this, as the white-label company will take care of it.
  • Expert Troubleshooting – If the server encounters a problem, the host needs to solve it. But, this isn’t the case for resellers as the white-label business will troubleshoot the error using the appropriate tools. With this, the former can save money and time.


Different white-label hosting packages come with varying features, but they should always have private name servers and be customizable because these allow a company to be distinguished from competitors. Other things resellers can ask for include domain and email integration. Through this, messages become credible, as the brand is reflected. Since people can see that the sender is trusted, they’re more likely to reply to promotions.

Another important feature is an excellent interface, which allows Internet users to browse the site easily. An accessible control panel should also be included for renters to manage the page better. Plus, most reseller plans have billing integration, which makes transactions and inventory monitoring convenient.


To ensure that hosting services will be efficient, entrepreneurs should partner with reliable white-label companies. These providers must give clear guidelines regarding exclusive use and offer support and training programs for the interface. Meanwhile, resellers should also consider their budgets. Fortunately, there are many affordable and excellent plans.
Business owners who are interested in white-label web hosting or feather flags will benefit from having their brand on the service and reselling the spaces at marked-up prices. With trusted partners, companies can further establish and market themselves.

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