A Peak Into Robert Apple’s Life

Robert Apple is the owner and founder of the elite group of Los Angeles area contractors known as KOM Construction. Known for his innovation, creativity and attention to detail, Robert Apple is able to show off his flexibility as one of the most prestigious local general contractors. From Rodeo Drive to Trousdale Estates to Mulholland dr., Robert Apple has shown himself to be a leader in luxury real estate. In recent years he has expanded his business into several luxury housing projects all throughout the Hollywood Hills area. His reputation as a skilled craftsman and builder has made him a valuable member of the Hollywood Hills and Trousdale Estate also known as the bird streets communities.

Born in Montreal Canada, Robert’s parents were part of the movement to form the nightclub scene in Los Angeles, CA. He received a bachelor’s degree at UCSB University in California and worked for several years in the hotel and restaurant management field before pursuing a career in the construction and development world. Having gained valuable experience in Hotel management and as a restaurant director, he decided to establish his own company. The highly regarded company he formed in 1992, is now known for its design and high-quality construction services.

Robert Apple’s life is the inspiration for startups and newbies. As Robert Apple has achieved enough in his life. He has built his worth of more than $120 billion. The key to Robert Apple’s success is his dedication to the work. His firm KOM Construction is a well-known firm in Los Angeles for construction and to get a well-furnished house.

Robert Apple helped a-lot of people in his life to settle in Los Angeles. He is dedicated to his work and towards his clients. Almost 100$ of his clients is fully satisfied with the behavior of his work. His high-quality service is always admired.

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