4 Crucial ways to increase your chances to get Canada PR Visa

Express Entry is amongst the most fastest and prominent ways to obtain a Canada PR Visa. However, you will receive the Invitation to Apply – ITA for the PR Visa only if your Comprehensive Ranking System – CRS score is amongst the highest-ranking candidates. You have to thus compete among your fellow candidates in the Express Entry pool to receive the ITA. So it is essential that you are aware of the diverse methods to enhance your CRS score. 

The Government of Canada launched the competitive Express Entry System in 2015. Generally, candidates who get the ITA for Canada PR Visa are only those who secure the highest CRS scores. Their scores are decided by the information they furnish in their Express Entry profiles. 

If you have a profile in Express Entry that is active for a while and still yet to receive an ITA, then it is advisable that you work towards increasing your CRS score than waiting for a decline in cut-off points. 

Here we present the four essential steps for increasing your CRS score and chances of receiving the ITA for Canada PR Visa. But first, you must understand the CRS. 

The Comprehensive Ranking System 

You may be missing out on a wonderful opportunity for increasing your CRS score due to the lack of effort for improvement. There are multiple options for enhancing your score in Express Entry as CRS is a dynamic system. It must be very importantly noted here that your score is not ‘frozen /locked-in’ as long as there are options for increasing it. 

At times, few improvements or changes may not drastically enhance your score in the CRS calculator. But even a small increase can make all the difference in your successful application. On the other hand, options such as Provincial Nomination also exist that virtually ensure your receipt of ITA for Canada PR Visa. It is because this adds extra 600 points to your CRS score. 

Reappearing for language tests

The strategy for Language tests can be a quick and short-term option to obtain that competitive score in CRS if you are yet to achieve the desired scores in a language test. 

Your language proficiency can incur up to 260 points maximum and 270 points maximum if the spouse is included in the application. Thus, skills and abilities in language French and/or English are vital human capital factors in the Express Entry System. These can assist you in gaining crucial extra points for your overall score in CRS. 

You can obtain extra points for even marginal enhancement of 0.5 points for each of the abilities on language. These are writing, reading, listening, and speaking. This specific ceiling holds good when you can achieve level 9 CLB for each ability. 

The reason is that obtaining 9 Level CLB in each ability for language results in a substantial increase in the overall points through the factor of skills transferability. This specific factor also considers the points that are allocated to you for overall work experience and educational credentials. Just a marginal increase in your language proficiency can thus result in a huge leap in your overall CRS score. 

The factor of skills transferability has 100 points. Thus you must put forth maximum efforts to obtain as many points as possible under this factor. 

Reaching level 9 CLB in IELTS 

You will have to obtain the following minimum score in the below-specified abilities in the General Training examination

  • Writing: 7.0
  • Reading: 7.0
  • Speaking: 7.0
  • Listening: 8.0

Similarly, you will have to obtain a score of at least 9 in each of the 4 abilities in the CELPIP General Test. You can then obtain the level 9 CLB. 

Obtain extra professional experience 

You can preferably accumulate additional work experience overseas outside Canada. This is if you possess less than 3 years of full-time or corresponding part-time work experience. Your total employment experience will not offer you an advantage under the human capital factors. However, it will incur you substantial points through the combinations for skills transferability. 

The aspect of having current employment is even more crucial for you if you are employed in Canada at present on the Work Visa. It is because you can obtain extra points under the stream of work experience in Canada. This is if you preserve legal work status for the full term. 


The strategy regarding Education is for candidates applying for Canada PR Visa under the: 

  • FSTP – Federal Skilled Trades Program 
  • CEC – Canadian Experience Class 

Unlike the Federal Skilled Worker Program – FSWP applicants, CEC and FSTP applicants do not have offer any ECA – Educational Credential Assessment. They also do not require any academic certificates from a University or College in Canada to qualify for the Express Entry system. 

Educational credentials are awarded 150 points exclusively. Also, a maximum of 50 extra points can be received in combination with a credit score in the language proficiency test and work experience in Canada. 

You have to specify all your valid educational credentials obtained to date while creating your profile in Express Entry. Even if you have a 1-year Diploma completed before 8 years and not relevant for your current work profile, still you can claim points for this in Express Entry. 

You are awarded points in the Express Entry System for your education irrespective of your area of study. It also holds well even if the Diploma or Degree does not correspond to your existing area of work. 

Partner/ Spouse Factors

You must be aware that you can obtain a maximum of twenty points depending on the language proficiency of your partner/spouse. This is if you plan to migrate to Canada with your Common-law-partner or Spouse. 

Moreover, their work experience and education obtained in Canada will incur 10 points individually. Thus, you can obtain a total of 40 points for your Partner/Spouse’s factors. 

Nevertheless, you can claim these 40 points even if you are applying as a single applicant. This is under diverse factors in your profile in Express Entry. What is required is you have to claim these points under your competencies. 

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